Minor in Psychology

The Department of Psychology offers many courses that have academic and applied relevance for other majors.  The requirements for a minor in psychology are designed to be flexible and to complement the training of students in other disciplines.  The requirements for the minor are listed.  Specific programs for a minor should be developed in consultation with a psychology faculty advisor.

Interested in psychology but don't want to change majors? Get the both of both worlds with a minor in psychology! With flexible requirements and courses that will complement any major area of study, we've got the courses you need. All you'll need to do is stop by the Psychology Department Office (Martin Allen 104) and ask to be assigned a minor advisor. From there you will work with your minor advisor to develop a plan of coursework that is right for you.


  • General Psychology PSY 100 (3 Credit Hours)
  • Choose 4 of the following courses:

  • Psychology of Human Motives PSY 230 (3 Credit Hours)
  • Intro to Cognitive Psychology PSY 334 (3 Credit Hours)
  • Elements of Learning PSY 330 (3 Credit Hours)
  • Abnormal Psychology PSY 300 (3 Credit Hours)
  • Social Psychology PSY 340 (3 Credit Hours)
  • Child and Developmental Psychology PSY 400 (3 Credit Hours)
  • Personality PSY 425 (3 Credit Hours)
  • Perception PSY 450 (3 Credit Hours)
  • Testing and Measurement PSY 467 (3 Credit Hours)
  • Physiological Psychology PSY 665 (3 Credit Hours)
  • Choose 6 Credit Hours of Psychology Electives

Total Credit Hours: 21

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