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The Big Event!

The 4th Annual Big Event is on Thursday April 3rd, 2014. Volunteer opportunities are scheduled from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Projects range from yard work, to playing games with Senior Citizens. Participating Individuals are eligible to win a $100 scholarship, and participating student organizations are eligible to win a $200 scholarship. This is a great opportunities for FHSU students to give back to the Hays community. To register visit our website


Navigator Award 

Are you a senior with an outstanding academic adviser? If yes, nominate them for the Navigator Award. The Navigator Award was created by the Student government Association to honor an outstanding adviser who has committed themselves to guide students through their time at Fort Hays State University. Only graduating senior are eligible to nominate an outstanding adviser for this award. To submit your nomination visit our website . All nominations must be received by April 11, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. Central Time


See what the Student Government Association has planned for the spring 2014 semester in the video below!

 Fort Hays State University's Student Government Association (SGA) represents the interests of students to the administrators of FHSU, the Kansas Legislature, and the Kansas Board of Regents.  SGA is comprised of three independent branches: the Student Senate, the Student/Faculty Court, and the Executive Staff.  Our Senate has four regular standing committees focusing on various matters in support of student issues, including the Appropriations Committee, Legislative and Political Action Committee, Senate Affairs Committee, and the Student Affairs Committee.  Other committees (that do not meet year-round) include the Allocations Committee and the Educational Opportunity Fund Committee.

SGA meetings are held every Thursday night at 7:00PM in the Memorial Union's Black and Gold Room.  All students are welcome to attend and speak during the meeting's Open Forum.  Students also have numerous opportunities to participate in SGA by serving on University Standing Committees, applying for a seat as a Student Senator, being appointed on the Student/Faculty Court, or serving on the Executive Staff.

Request Form, 4-digit and 6-digit budgets in the SGA budget format, and a complete and updated membership list.  Supplemental materials may be included with the application.  Please contact the SGA Office if you, or your organization, has any questions regarding the Allocations process.  Appointments can be made to review and assist organizations with budgets. 

Download the SGA Allocations Documents for the Allocations Request Form, a 4-digit budget, and a 6-digit budget here.

All student organizations requesting Allocations money must have a student representative present at the second reading for the duration of the meeting.  Failure to have a representative present at any time during the meeting will result in an irreversible zero-funding of the student organization. 

For organizations that need to submit a Waiver Request, please fill out the form here.

The SGA is always interested in hearing comments, concerns, questions, and feedback from students.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions by calling us at 785-628-5311 or visiting our office in the Center for Student Involvement

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