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National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education
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Teacher Education Clinical Experiences

Virtually every teacher has one thing in common—an ongoing love for learning that extends far beyond degree requirements. As an education major, you’re required to become active in your program, both inside and outside the classroom. We have many opportunities for you to gain practical, real-world clinical experience and develop the professional skills you’ll need for a successful teaching career, including:

Elementary and Early Childhood Unified (ECU) Internships

The purpose of Internship I, II, and III (Elementary) is to provide an opportunity for initial candidates to obtain experience in the teaching and assessment of social studies, reading and language arts, mathematics, and science. 

The purpose of Internship I, II, and III (ECU) is to provide an opportunity for candidates to obtain experience in the teaching and assessment of art, music, health/P.E., social studies, language development, math and science. 

Pedagogic skills like management of a classroom, making adjustments for individual student needs, utilizing developmentally appropriate practices, and reflecting on performance are enhanced under the supervision of education faculty and quality mentor teachers.

Internship Frequently Asked Questions
Internship Handbook (PDF)
Internship Placement Application

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Student Teaching

In the last year of their programs, candidates will pair up with seasoned mentors for their student teaching experience. Master teachers are selected by principals and FHSU placement personnel to guide candidates in the final phase of their pre-service experience.

Student Teaching Frequently Asked Questions
Student Teaching Admission Requirements
Student Teaching Handbook (PDF)
Student Teaching Application

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Experiential Learning Credit (ELC)

Experiential Learning Credit (ELC) is college credit awarded for learning that takes place outside the traditional college classroom. The emphasis for credit is on learning and NOT experience. The learning may have been gained through work, training, or licensure experience. The ELC Handbook is designed to assist candidates in determining if they qualify for ELC. The ELC Handbook includes: 

  • All policies
  • Deadlines (submit 1 semester prior to start of internship course -- Sept. 15th and Feb. 15th)
  • The ELC application
  • Required evidence to verify that the objectives have been met, and
  • The rubrics used for evaluation

Experiential Learning Credit Handbook 
Experiential Learning Credit Application  

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