Admission to Student Teaching

Application due in Licensure Office (Rarick 220B) by February 15 for students planning to do their student teaching the following fall semester and due by September 15 for students planning to do student teaching in the following spring.

General Education courses that must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher:

  • Multiculturalism in the U.S. (if no bachelor's degree)
  • Intro. to Computer Information Systems (if no bachelor's degree)

Education courses completed with grade of "C" or higher:

  • Introduction to Instructional Technology
  • Educating Exceptional Students
  • Educational Psychology (must be taken through FHSU)
  • Secondary School Experience (Secondary Education)
  • All methods courses in the content area

Overall GPA of 2.75 or 2.75 on last 60 hours and 2.75 GPA in the teaching field(s).

Approval by the department in the student's area of teaching and approval by the Council on Preparation of Teachers and School Personnel (COPTSP).

Satisfactory results of answers to Student Background Information Form.

Submission of credential file

Obtain Application for Student Teaching: