Note: A copy of the results of the background check may be provided by FHSU to any school district requesting such information on a candidate to be placed in their district.

Instructions on initiating your background check:

  1. Go to the secure link:
  2. Enter the Username and Password below:
    Username: fhsuteacher1896
    Password: background
  3. Create a personal profile by completing the required fields
    1. If your email has been used in a previously created profile you will need to log in via the "Returning Student Log-In" section, select the "New Screening Profile" link on the next page.
    2. If you have forgotten your password you can click on the "password (forget?)" link and answer the security question you chose when you first creating your personal profile.
  4. Complete each section of the screening profile
    1. Read the "Notice and Disclosure" and check the confirmation box
    2. Read the "Summary of Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act" and check the confirmation box.
    3. Fill out all form fields in the Certification and Release and enter your signature in the electronic signature box.
      1. You must have Java installed to complete the electronic signature
    4. Choose a payment option:
      1. Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) $35.50 plus $2.00 administrative fee
      2. Money Order/Cashier's Check $35.50
    5. Select Submit

    * Your results will not be released to your institution until you successfully submit your request to Validity. This can be verified if you have received the confirmation email titled 'Academic Screening Profile Received.'

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact Kerry Schuckman at (785) 628-4542 or You may also contact Validity Screening Solutions with technical questions at (913) 322-5995 toll-free at (866) 920-5995 or via email at

Student Background Check FAQs

Q: How long does it take to establish an account?
A: We can program your account, the student's account and your username(s) and password(s) in an hour.

Q: What is the average turn-around time for a background report?
A: Our response time for live, criminal record searches is 24 to 72 hours. With other services, the time may vary, but it's normally less than 72 hours, sometimes much less. On rare occasions, our research may take longer than 72 hours due to circumstances beyond our control, such as natural disasters and government or registrar office closings. When it does happen, we'll call you with a heads-up and the reason why.

Q: Do you provide a copy of the background check to the student, as well as the institution?
A: Yes, the institution will receive the background report within an hour of its completion. Students can request a copy by checking the "Send me a copy of my background check1l box while they are logged onto the system. Students receive the report via a secure link to the e-mail address that they provide. Both students and administrators can also retrieve existing reports through Validity's online systems.

Q: If I have questions about a report -or if I need to know the status of a report - how do I get the answer?
A: Validity's office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Central Time) Monday through Friday.

Q: If my students have questions can they contact your company?
A: Yes, we prefer that they do contact Validity. Students can contact us with their questions anytime. This information is provided to the students through the instruction sheet and is on the student online site for easy accessibility.

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