Renewing Teaching License

Go to the KSDE website for the license renewal applications -

  1. If you have an Initial Teaching License and wish to upgrade it to a Professional Teaching License based on mentoring (by having taught at least one year), then complete Form 21. If you wish to upgrade it based on enrollment in an Internship, complete Form 19.
  2. If you have an Initial Teaching License and wish to renew it for an additional two years (because you have NOT taught at least one year), then complete Form 20.
  3. If you have a Professional Teaching License and wish to renew it, then complete Form 3a. The most common methods of renewal are to have either professional development points (PDP) or college credit that is turned into PDPs. If you have a graduate degree, you may renew based on having three years of accredited experience during the current professional license. The guidelines for Professional Development Points can be found at
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are needing to renew or upgrade a license at the same time that you are adding a provisional (Form 4) or full endorsement (Form 1) to your license, then contact Kerry Schuckman, FHSU Licensure Officer, at for those applications. By submitting Form 4 or Form 1 along with the renewal application, you will only have to pay one fee (the higher of the two application fees).

  5. If you wish to add an endorsement to your license by having passed the Praxis test (not by program completion), then complete Form 22 and submit directly to KSDE.
  6. If you have completed all of the coursework and passed the Praxis test for a new endorsement, complete the online Form 1.
  • The Kansas Center for Innovative Education at and the Science and Mathematics Education Institute at offer various workshops throughout the year that are ideal for teachers needing credit to renew their teaching licenses.

Online Courses:

       Go to and click on TigerTracks in the upper left corner. Click on Course Schedule, select your desired semester and any other criteria you would like such as "Virtual" under Type.

Most undergraduate education courses are listed under the Department prefix of:

  • Elementary Education (TEEL)
  • Teacher Education Early Childhood (TEEC)
Graduate education courses are listed under:

  • Advanced Education Programs (AEP)
  • Counseling (COUN)
  • Educational Leadership (EDL)
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Library Media Specialist (LIBR)
  • Masters in Instructional Technology (MIT)
  • Reading Specialist (READ)
  • Special Education (SPED)
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