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Geosciences offers baccalaureate degrees and minors in both geology and geography and a master’s degree in geosciences, focusing on either geology or geography. Study and training in the geosciences are designed to provide: (1) students with an understanding of the methods of science and the fundamentals of geoscience as they relate to the physical and cultural environments of humans and their dependence upon earth resources; (2) science students with the fundamentals of geology as a foundation for other science studies; (3) an understanding of the relationships between humans and their environment, plus training in sophisticated methods of spatial mapping and analysis, like remote sensing and geographic information systems; (4) training in geology, earth and space sciences, and geography as areas of specialization for elementary and secondary school teachers; (5) professional degrees for employment or future graduate study; and (6) graduate degrees for the professional geologist or geographer.

 Baccalaureate Program

The Department of Geosciences offers two degrees and two minors: (1)  Bachelor of Science in Geology; (2) Bachelor of Science (applied) in Geography with a concentration in Geographic Information Systems; (3) minor in Geology; and (4) minor in Geography. All majors are assigned to faculty advisors in Geosciences.

Bachelor of Science (Geology)

The Bachelor of Science degree is intended to prepare students for a professional career in geology and/or entrance into graduate school. Students will work with an advisor to consider career choices and available elective options. This program provides the opportunity for majors to complete independent research projects for credit in GSCI 673 Problems in Geology or GSCI 499 Senior Thesis. Students who plan to enter graduate school should take PHYS 212/212L Physics for Scientists and Engineers II/Lab and MATH 234 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I options as well as the statistics course (MATH 250). Download a summary of classes required and track options (in pdf format).

The FHSU Department of Geosciences has added a new Geology emphasis: Petroleum Geology. Petroleum Geology will prepare students to find new sources of oil, as well as prepare students to work in the business end of oil production. Download a summary of classes required for this track option (in pdf format). 

Bachelor of Science (Geography and Geographic Information Systems)

The Bachelor of Science degree is intended to prepare students for a professional career in applied geography and applied GIS, with applications in environmental resources, informational systems, and human/urban/social perspectives. Students will consult with advisor(s) about career choices and available elective (track) options. Independent applied GIS research projects are encouraged under the direction of their advisor(s) in GSCI 683 Problems in Geography or GSCI 499 Senior Thesis. Download a summary of classes required and track options (in pdf format).


Bachelor of Science in General Studies (concentration in Geosciences)

The B.S. in General Science offers you a flexible, broad-based education in the core disciplines of biology, chemistry, geosciences and physics, while allowing you to deepen your knowledge and skills in one or more of those concentration areas. This degree program is ideal for students who have wide-ranging interests in the geosciences who wish to pursue a variety of career fields. Learn more about the the B.S. in General Science program of study or Download a summary of classes required for the B.S. in General Science program of study concentration in Geosciences (in pdf format). 


Bachelor of General Studies (Geography/GIS)

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) is a degree in liberal arts and sciences available through the College of Arts and Sciences. The degree provides maximum flexibility for students who have well-defined career objectives and wish to determine the content of their degree rather than pursue one of the established majors at FHSU. The program includes general education requirements and an area of concentration but not a specific major. The Bachelor of General Studies is a general degree that can be used for entry into a wide variety of occupations. The BGS degree serves as a bridge to numerous graduate degree programs and prepares students for employment in areas not requiring specific baccalaureate degrees. The area of emphasis or concentration can be tailored to prepare students for entry into a particular career area. Download a summary of classes required (in pdf format).


Minor in Geosciences

If a minor in Geosciences is included in a student's program, it consists of at 22-24 hours of credit other than the student's major. General education courses taken for a student's minor program may also be counted toward that student's general education requirements. The department offers a minor in Geology and a minor in Geography. Download a summary of classes (in pdf format).


Masters Program

Geosciences offers graduate study for the Master of Science along three different emphasis, Geology, Geography, and Professional Science Masters Geosciences Concentrations. The geology program prepares the student for a career in industry, government, or provides preparations for Ph.D. work at another institution. Geography focuses on preparation for advanced professional positions in Geographic Information Systems and Environmental Science. A recent addition to the Geosciences Masters Program is the Professional Science Masters Concentrations. These concentrations allow students to select a non thesis project based curriculum in fields aimed towards specific careers . Fort Hays State University focuses on small class sizes, giving each student the individual attention needed to succeed in their field upon graduation.

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