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Tomanek Hall, Room 161
Phone: 785-628-4194
Fax: 785-628-4043

Mon-Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Staff: Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies Staff


Blackboard Support Center

Faculty Only:

Faculty Development

Resources that provide professional growth in teaching and learning; course development; pedagogical best practices and peer coaching.


Individual Consultations

We are ready to meet you for private, confidential discussions on matters pertaining to your role as a teacher or any concerns you may have about your situation at our university. We can also provide advice and assistance as you put together your tenure file or apply for a promotion. These consultations will be with an impartial, experienced faculty member who is on our staff.

All individual consultations are personal and private. For more information please contact Dr. Robert Luehrs at 785-628-4193 or


Workshops & Tutorials

There are a variety of platforms for professional growth and development provide by the Learning Technologies team. Be sure to check out the Face to Face Sessions; the online training modules and webinars; or request department or individual training sessions.

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online resources

Online Resources

Learning Technologies has a collection of resources that will keep you current with Best Teaching Practices and the latest Learning Technologies tools and techniques

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peer review

Peer Review

If you wish to have the effectiveness of your teaching skills evaluated in an honest, judicious fashion, you can arrange with us to have a veteran faculty member visit sessions of one or more of your classes and confer with you afterward. We are also willing to talk with you about how your online courses are presented. All of our peer reviews are for your use alone and are tailored for what you want to accomplish as an instructor.

We will design a peer review process to meet your particular needs and interests. For more information please contact Dr. Robert Luehrs at 785-628-4193 or

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