Student Fiscal Services

Departmental and Activity Accounts

Student Fiscal Services is responsible for all deposits from University departments and Student Organizations. Our office also provides Student Organizations and University departments with cash boxes and Student Activity Account credit cards. Call us with any questions concerning deposits or cash boxes at 785-628-5251.    

Policies & Procedures for Activity Accounts (Student Organizations)

Student Activity Accounts can check out a credit card for purchases.  See Credit Card Policy for more information.  Questions regarding Student Activity Account credit cards can be directed to 785-628-4897.

Cash boxes are available for FHSU events/activities only. A limit of $100.00 is allowed for a period no longer than one week. In order to check out a cash box, the student organization must have an IFAS account in order to submit a purchase requisition in IFAS. For more information concerning checking out a cash box from Student Fiscal Services, see Cash Box Policy and Procedures.

Other policies and procedures for Activity Accounts (student organizations) are available for your use through the Division of Administration & Finance.  

Cash Handling Policies & Procedures for all Accounts (Departmental and Student Activity)

Student Fiscal Services is responsible for receipt of all funds for the University. All checks written to Fort Hays State University must be deposited with Student Fiscal Services. See the Deposit Policy for guidance concerning departmental and student organization deposits. 

Deposits must be made at least once a week. Hand deliver deposits to Student Fiscal Services, located at 317 Picken Hall, using the secure deposit bags. If you do not have deposit bags, stop by our office to pick up several of them before you create the deposit. DO NOT send deposits in campus mail.

Student Fiscal Services provides deposit slips for sales in Hays (non-destination sales) and for sales outside of the Hays city limits (destination sales). Destination sales tax applies to all taxable items or services delivered to a location outside the Hays city limits but within the State of Kansas.

For assistance in completing deposits, contact us at 785-628-4461. You may also set up an individual training session with one of our staff.

Deposits (destination of sold items within the City of Hays with a tax rate of 8.75%)

NOTE: If you have saved the deposit slip forms, be sure that you are using the most current deposit slip forms.

The deposit slip instructions provide guidance for making deposits with sales and delivery within the City of Hays. 

  • Use the Cash/Check Deposit Slip Form for deposits consisting of cash and checks.
  • FHSU is required to be PCI compliant.  Therefore, prior approval is required before a department can take credit cards as a form of payment.  Contact May Schumacher at 628-5558 before you accept credit cards.  Deposit slips for credit card deposits will be provided to those departments who have been approved to accept credit cards.

Deposits (destination of sold items outside the City of Hays)

The destination sales tax deposit slip instructions provide guidance for making deposits with sales and delivery outside the Hays city limits but in the State of Kansas. Sales shipped outside the State of Kansas are not subject to Kansas sales tax. Therefore, use the deposit slips for the City of Hays above for out-of-state sales.

Object Codes

The Receipt Object Codes Lookup provides you a quick reference for the object codes you will use in your deposit slip forms. If you have questions concerning the receipt object code, contact us at 785-628-4461.

Tax Identification Number and Tax Remittance Number

  • FHSU Activity Account -- The FHSU Activity Account tax identification number should be given to vendors when purchasing items used to generate taxable sales for Activity Accounts. The number is 004-431922999F-01.
  • FHSU Departmental Account -- The FHSU Departmental Account tax identification number should be given to vendors when purchasing items used to generate taxable sales for Departmental Accounts. The number is 004-486029925F-03.


Workday Documents

Cash/Check Balancing Worksheet

Extended Amount Worksheet

Object Codes vs. Workday Revenue Categories Crosswalk

Destination Sales Log Sheet



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