FHSU IRB Sample Packets

Please click on the links below to download sample IRB packets. These samples may be useful guides for Investigators in the preparation of materials for submission to the FHSU IRB. Sample packets generally include the application, consent forms, sample recruiting and debriefing materials and other materials.

Sample Packets for Exempt from Review Applications:

Sample A  The Examination of Film Preferences and Attitudinal Outlook. Anonymous survey, minimal risk.

Sample B   Resume' Review (Investigating Bias in Employment Decisions). Participants look at sample resumes and answer questions. Anonymous survey, minimal risk.

Sample C  The Perception of Beauty. Look at pictures and rate attractiveness. Anonymous survey, minimal risk

Sample D  The Effects of Meditation on Anxiety, Self-Compassion and Perceived Stress. Treatment group meditates and completes stress/anxiety sclaes. Control group completes stress/anxiety scales. Minimal risk and no identifiable information is collected.

Sample E  Delinquency and Maturity. Subjects are 18 -20 year olds completing online anonymous survey about parenting style and psychosocial maturity. Minimal risk.

Sample K  Implementation of a Chronic Pain Protocol in a  Rural Primary Care Clinic. Retrospective chart reviews and educational program for providers. Minimal risk, de-identified data was collected for non-research purposes.

Sample Packets for Full Review Applications

Sample F  Influence of Friendship on Motivation and Academic Achievement. Subjects consist of minors (vulnerable population), parent permission required, minimal risk.

Sample G  Factors Affecting Daily Stress in Siblings of Children with Special Needs. Subjects consist of minors (vulnerable population), parent permission required, varied recruitment strategies, minimal risk.

Sample H  Effects of Acute Estrogen Therapy on Bone Formation. Estrogen therapy for post menopausal women and bone density scan. More than minimal risk.

Sample I  Follow up of Egyptian Students Attending University in Cairo Follow up from previous research using writing samples and Skype interviews. Full review due to the possibility of students making controversial statements that could place them at risk.

Sample J  The Listening Project: Discovering Rhetorical Strategies of Rural LGBTQIA+ College Students in Western Kansas. More than minimal risk.


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