Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

The Animal Welfare Act requires that minimum standards of care and treatment must be provided for certain animals used for research, teaching, or exhibition purposes. All activities and procedures that use vertebrate animals at Fort Hays State University must comply with public laws, policies and guidelines, and be reviewed and approved by the FHSU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee to ensure that such activities are in compliance with all federal, state and FHSU regulations, policies and standards in to ensure proper animal care and use. The IACUC is also responsible for conducting inspections of all areas where animals are housed and used, reviews the institutional program for animal use and reports its findings.

Please contact if you have any questions about animal use and care at FHSU.

NOTE:  All research submissions require documentation of completed CITI training by PIs and CoPIs (including graduate students) prior to IACUC review.




September 17, 2018
November 30, 2018




FHSU Resources:

Fort Hays State University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Consultants  

TRAINING- Campus training is available by appointment. Contact for more information

Other Resources:

NIH and HHS Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals-Revised 2015

Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals - 8th Edition 

Animal Welfare Act and related information 

Animal Welfare Act Regulations-updated November 6, 2013

Association of Fish& Wildlife Agencies -U.S. Forest Service (AFWA-USFS) joint webinar on“Overview of the Animal Welfare Act and IACUCs” August 29, 2017

AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals  

Guidelines for the Use of Wild Mammals in Research- American Society of Mammalogists

Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Agricultural Research and Teaching  

Guidelines for Use of Amphibians and Fish

Guidelines to the Use of Wild Birds in Research

Guidelines for Use of Live Amphibians and Reptiles in Field and Laboratory Research - Herpetological Animal Care and Use Committee (HACC)

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