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COMMITTEE:  Academic Advising Committee

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this committee is to implement and continuously improve a university academic advising plan designed to help on- and off-campus students understand institutional policies and procedures, learn about curriculum and career choices, and provide counseling about a wide range of academic decisions. The committee is responsible for assessment of institutional advising, implementation of the Regents’ academic advising baseline, selection of outstanding advisers for awards, and other activities and initiatives related to the university’s academic advising function.


REPRESENTATION:  Chair selected by provost, representatives from each academic college, registrar, fiscal services, interdisciplinary studies, virtual college, graduate school, vice provost, student government, and three academic advising staff members (15-member committee).  The FHSU Academic Advisor of the Year may also serve.


CHAIR:  Appointed by provost


HOW APPOINTED:  Appointed by provost upon receiving recommendations from deans, vice president for student affairs, vice president for administration and finance, and student government.




ROTATION:  Three-year rotating membership


MEMBERSHIP 2014-2015:

Patricia Griffin, Ph.D., Chair (Director of Academic Advising)

Linda Smith. (College of Arts and Sciences)***

Cole Engel (College of Business and Entrepreneurship)*

Suzanne Becking, Ph.D., (College of Education and Technology)**

David Fitzhugh, Ph.D., (College of Health and Life Sciences)***

Bradley Will, Ph.D., (Interdisciplinary Studies)**

Judy Getty (Director of Student Fiscal Services)**

Jim Barrett, Ph.D. (Graduate School)***

Debbie Staab (Virtual College)***

Nikki Brown (Academic Advising Staff)*

Maggie Denning (Kelly Center)***

Nanette Fitzhugh (Academic Advising Staff)**

Brett Bruner (Director of Persistence and Retention (Student Affairs/Registrar)***

Brian Maricle, Ph.D. (Edmund Shearer Academic Advisor of the Year)

Tandra Johnson (Student Government) (appointed annually)

Rachel Dolechek  (At-large member)

(*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term)







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