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2018-2019 Provost Standing Committees

Committee lists are updated as vacant positions are filled.

Go to: Ad Hoc Cmts / Academic Council / Academic Reinstatement / Adjunct Faculty Advisory / Commencement / Conflict of Interest / Council for Institutional Effectiveness / Endowed Professor / Experiential Learning / Faculty Development / Faculty Development Funding / General Education / Global Learning / Honors College / Institutional Review BoardLearning AssessmentLearning Environment / Library / Open Educational Resource / President's Distinguished Scholar / Program Review / Promotion / Scholarship Environment / Strategic Planning / Student Success / Tenure / Undergraduate Research EnvironmentWorkplace Environment

Academic Advising Committee

Dr. Patricia Griffin, Chair
Dr. Brett Weaver (AHSS)*
Mr. Cole Engel (BE)**
Dr. Jacqueline Lubin (Ed)**
Ms. Jana Zeller (HBS)**
Dr. Keith Bremer (STM)*
Ms. Debbie Staab (IDS)*
      Dr. Jennifer Bonds-Raacke (Grad School)**
Ms. Nikki Brown (Academic Advising)**
Ms. Kelsi Broadway (VC)*
Ms. LouWayne Davidson (Registrar's)***
Ms. May Schumacher (Fiscal Services)***
Ms. Maggie Denning (Kelly Center)*
Mr. Nicholas Glassman (Student)

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ AAC bylaws ]

Academic Council

Dr. Jeff Briggs, Chair
Dr. Paul Faber
Dr. Melissa Hunsicker Walburn
Dr. Paul Adams
Mr. Glen McNeil
Dr. Grady Dixon
Dr. Jennifer Bonds-Raacke
[ AC bylaws ]
Ms. Deborah Ludwig
Dr. Tim Crowley
Dr. Sangki Min
Mr. Dennis King
Dr. Andrew Feldstein
Ms. Cynthia Cline

Academic Reinstatement Committee

Dr. Patricia Griffin, Chair
Mr. Tobias Flores (AHSS)***
Ms. Debbie Staab (AHSS)*
Mr. Cole Engel (BE)**
Dr. Anthony Gabel (BE)***
Ms. Macy Klaus (Ed)*
Ms. Sue Boldra (Ed)***
Dr. Fred Britten (HBS)***
      Dr. Brooke Mann (HBS)*
Dr. Eric Gillock (STM)**
Dr. James Balthazor (STM)***
Ms. Nikki Brown (Exploratory and Career)***
Ms. Maggie Denning (Kelly Center)*
Ms. Chantelle Arnold (Financial Assistance)***
Mr. David Bollig (Residential Life)*
Ms. Carol Solko-Olliff***

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ ARC bylaws ]

Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee

Ms. Nicole Frank, Co-Chair (Fac Dev Coordinator)
Dr. Gary Andersen, Co-Chair (Grad School)***
Ms. Nuchelle Chance, (Fac Dev Specialist)
Dr. Nicole English (AHSS)*
Ms. Linda Frederick (BE on campus)**
Ms. Mary Meckenstock (Ed on campus)***
Ms. Kathryn Erk (HBS on campus)***
Mr. Curtis Schmidt (STM on campus)*
Mr. Nick Ladish (AHSS Virtual)**
Mr. Tyler Thompson (BE Virtual)***
Ms. Arlea Carmack (Ed Virtual)***
Dr. Mark Pahls (HBS Virtual)**
Mr. Martin Kollman (STM Virtual)**
TBD (Faculty Senate)*
Mr. Nathan Elwood (Library)*

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ AFAC bylaws ]

Commencement Committee

Mr. Craig Karlin, Chair
Dr. Jeff Briggs (Provost)
Mr. Ed Howell (University Police)
Mr. Mike Michaelis (VC)
Ms. Cindy Cline (Provost's Office)
Mr. Trent Rose (Provost's Office)
Ms. Janette Meis (President's Office)
Vacant (URM)
Ms. Luann Pfeifer (Registrar's Office)
Ms. Rachel Cronn (Registrar's Office
Ms. Jackie Maxwell (Registrar's Office)
Dr. Terry Crull (Music)
Mr. Peter Lillpopp (Director of Bands)
Mr. Kris Munsch (Faculty)***
Dr. Timothy Rolls (Faculty)***
Ms. Susan Dumler (Faculty)**
Mr. Troy Keller (Gross/Cunningham)
Ms. Linda Garner (Graduate School)
Ms. Jeani Billinger (Alumni)
Mr. Luke LeCount (Technology)
Ms. Mariam Sears (Student)

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ CC bylaws ]

Conflict of Interest Committee

Dr. Peter Tramel (AHSS)*
Dr. Melissa Hunsicker Walburn (BE)**
Dr. Elliot Isom (Ed)***
Mr. Kenneth Windholz (HBS)***
Dr. Jeffery Solheim (STM)*

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ CIC bylaws ]

Council for Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Tim Crowley, Chair
Dr. Tony Gabel (Faculty Senate President)
Mr. Mike Michaelis (VC)
Ms. Amy Schaffer (Compliance Officer)
Ms. Linda Smith (AHSS)*
Dr. Greg Weisenborn (BE)**
Dr. Jerri Haynes (Ed)*
Ms. Tasha Werth (HBS)*
Dr. Jack Maseberg (STM)**
Dr. Sangki Min (IEQI)
Dr. Grady Dixon (Dean)*
Dr. Christine Hober (Graduate School)***
Ms. Deb Ludwig (Library)***
Ms. Shannon Lindsey (Business/HR)
Mr. Jim Schreiber (Physical Plant)
Mr. Robert Manry (Administration/Budget)
Mr. Dennis King (Enrollment)
Ms. Taylor Kriley (Student Life)
Ms. Karen McCullough (Student Support Services)
Dr. Andrew Feldstein (TILT)
Mr. Mark Griffin (Technology)
Ms. Lisa Lang (USS Senate President)
Mr. Adam Schibi (Student)

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ CIE bylaws ]

Endowed Professor Review Committee

Dr. Jeff Briggs, Chair
Dr. Paul Adams (Ed / Named Professor)
Dr. Grady Dixon (STM)
Dr. Paul Faber (AHSS)
Dr. Melissa Hunsicker Walburn (BE)
      Mr. Glen McNeil (HBS)
Dr. Gavin Buffington (Dept Chair)***
Dr. Gary Andersen (Faculty)***
Dr. Kristin Pisano (Faculty)**
Dr. Soumya Bhoumik (Faculty)*

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ EPRC bylaws ]

Experiential Learning Committee

Dr. Tim Crowley, Co-Chair
Dr. Tammy Lynn, Co-Chair (At-Large)***
Ms. Karen McCullough (Career Services)
Ms. Jaylen Adams (CCL)
Ms. Leslie Paige (OSSP/URE)
Ms. Stacey Lang (Study Abroad)
Dr. Christie Brungardt (AHSS)***
Dr. Emily Breit (BE)***
Dr. Valerie Zelenka (Ed)**
Ms. Kathleen Ward (HBS)***
Dr. Sunil Dhoubhadel (STM)**
Ms. Brittney Squire (CSI)
Mr. Michael Musgrove (Student)
Ms. Sherry Dryden (Community Member)
Ms. Ann Leiker (Community Member)
Dr. Mary Martin (At-Large/ Service Learning Fellow)*
Mr. Alan Szeto (At-Large / Service Learning Fellow)*

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ ELC bylaws ]

Faculty Development Committee

Ms. Nicole Frank (Faculty Dev Coordinator), Chair
Ms. Nuchelle Chance (Fac Dev Specialist)
Dr. Brent Goertzen (AHSS)*
Dr. Jun Yang (BE)*
Dr. Beth Walizer (Ed)**
Dr. Valerie Yu (HBS)**
Dr. Jonathan Sumrall (STM)*
Dr. Mitch Greer (Faculty Senate)**
Ms. Amy Schmierbach (FHSU-AAUP)**
Ms. Claire Nickerson (Library)***
Mr. Ryan Olsen (International Faculty)*

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ FDC bylaws ]

Faculty Development Funding Committee

Dr. Elodie Jones, Chair (Ed)**
Dr. Judith Ofcarcik (AHSS)**
Dr. Jun Yang (BE)***
Dr. Christine Hober (HBS)***
Dr. Yass Kobayashi (STM)*
Ms. Mary Radnor (Library)*
Dr. Soumya Bhoumik (Faculty Senate)*

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ FDFC bylaws ]

General Education Committee

Dr. Brad Will (Liberal Ed Director), Chair
Dr. Helen Miles (FS Academic Affairs Chair)
Dr. Cheryl Duffy (Goss Distinguished Prof)
Ms. Tanya Smith (Grad Council)**
Dr. Doug Drabkin (AHSS)***
Ms. Marcella Marez (AHSS)**
Ms. Jessica Heronemus (BE)** 
Dr. David Schmidt (BE)***
      Dr. Kevin Splichal (Ed)***
Dr. Sarah Broman (Ed)*
Dr. Trey Hill (HBS)**
Mr. Glen McNeil (HBS)***
Dr. Tom Schafer (STM)***
Mr. Joe Chretien (STM)*
Ms. Robyn Hartman (Library)*
Mr. Adam Schibi (Student)

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ GEC bylaws ]

Global Learning Committee

Dr. Elodie Jones, Chair (Ed)**
Dr. Brad Will (Liberal Education and ESL)
Ms. Stacey Lang (Study Abroad/Exchange Pgms)
Mr. Mehran Shahidi (Intercultural Integration)
Ms. Carol Solko-Olliff (Intnl Student Services)
Dr. Elliot Isom (Graduate School)***
Mr. Mike Michaelis (VC)
      Mr. Jason Harper (AHSS)**
Dr. Candace Mehaffey-Kultgen (BE)*
Dr. Kathleen Ward (HBS)***
Dr. Rich Lisichenko (STM)*
Mr. Brian Gribben (Library)***
Ms. Samantha Rohleder (Student)

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ GLC bylaws ]

Honors College Steering Council 

Dr. Carol Patrick, May 2019, Co-chair
Ms. Jensen Scheele, Co-chair
Ms. Sue Boldra, May 2020
Dr. Gordon Carlson, May 2019
Dr. Douglas Drabkin, May 2020
Dr. Yass Kobayashi, May 2019
Dr. Lanee Young, May 2019
Dr. Gregory Weisenborn, May 2020
Ms. Cyndi Landis, May 2020
Ms. Leslie Paige, May 2021
Samual Neff (s), May 2019
Ex-Officio: Mr. Matt Means
Dr. Carol Patrick, Co-chair
Dr. Elodie Jones, Co-chair
Ms. Jensen Scheele, Co-chair
Dr. Shane Schartz, May 2020
Dr. Pelgy Vaz, May 2019
Ms. Linda Ganstrom, May 2019
Dr. Loretta Dorn, May 2019
Dr. Jack Maseberg, May 2021
Dr. Yang Jiao, May 2020
Peter Marston (gs), May 2019
Mariam Sears (s), May 2019
Nathaniel Hunt (s), May 2019
Holly Dethlefs (s), May 2019
Ex-Officio: Mr. Matt Means
(size limited to 7 total)
Dr. Janett Naylor-Tincknell, Chair
Michael Musgrove (s)
Ms. Ann Noble, May 2019
Ms. Angie Delzeit, May 2019

Ms. Carolyn Tatro, May 2021
Ms. Jensen Scheele, May 2020
Dr. Bruce Atwater, May 2020
Ex-Officio: Mr. Matt Means
Ms. Mariam Sears (s), Chair
Ms. Meghan Oliver, May 2021
Mr. Jacob Ternes, May 2021
Ms. Christina Hurtado, May 2021
Ms. Cindy Elliot

Ms. Kelsey Stremel, May 2019
Mr. Andy Tincknell, May 2019
Ryan Schultz (s), May 2019
Ex-Officio: Mr. Matt Means

[ HCSC bylaws ]

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

[ IACUC bylaws ]

Institutional Review Board

Full Board Members
Dr. John Zody, Chair
Dr. Christine Hober, Chair Elect
Dr. Whitney Whitaker
Ms. Gayla Wichman, Community Member
Dr. Carol Ellis
Dr. John Raacke
Dr. Greg Kandt
Dr. Brooke Moore
Ms. Deb Ludwig
Dr. David Tostenson

Ms. Leslie Paige, Administrator
      Secondary Reviewers
Dr. April Park
Dr. Sam Schreyer
Ms. Kathleen Ward
Dr. Elodie Jones
Dr. Juti Winchester
Dr. Arvin Cruz
Dr. Kathi Sanders
Ms. Claire Nickerson
Ms. Rebecca Sander
Dr. Kim Chappell
Dr. Sungwon Chung

[ IRB bylaws ]

International Partnerships Committee

Now maintained by Administration and Finance, May 2017

Learning Assessment Committee

Dr. Sangki Min, Chair
Dr. Brad Will (Liberal Ed & AHSS Assist Dean)
Mr. Mike Michaelis (VC)
Dr. Richard Rochester (AA Dean SNU)
Dr. Jerri Haynes (Ed Assistant Dean)
Ms. Jessica Heronmus (BE Assessment Director)
Dr. Joyce Ellis (HB Assessment Coordinator)
Dr. April Park (HB Assessment Coordinator)
Dr. Karmen Porter (HB Assessment Coordinator)
Dr. Kenny Rigler (STM Assessment Coordinator)
Ms. Kathleen Ward (Faculty Senate)**
Ms. Brittney Squire (Student Affairs)***
Mr. Roy Koech (Student)

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ LAC bylaws ]

Learning Commons Council

Incorporated into University Library Committee, May 2018

Learning Environment Committee

Dr. Tim Crowley, Co-Chair
Dr. Shane Schartz, Co-Chair (At-Large)**
Ms. Samantha Lowry (Facilities Planning)
Mr. Jeff Bitikofer (Audio Visual Specialist)
Ms. Rebecca Karlin (Faculty Senate)*
Ms. Charm Arthur (AHSS)*
      Dr. Babu George (BE)**
Ms. Sue Boldra (Ed)**
Dr. Carol Ellis (HBS)***
Mr. Randall Jordan (STM)*
Mr. Andy Tincknell (Library)***
Ms. Alicia Kroeger (Student)

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ LEC bylaws ]

University Library Committee

Ms. Deb Ludwig, Chair
Dr. LaGretia Copp (AHSS)*
Ms. Hollie Marquess (AHSS)***
Dr. Candace Mehaffey-Kultgen (BE)***
Mr. Tom Lippert (BE)*
Ms. Laney Roths (Ed)**
Ms. Mary Meckenstock (Ed)***
Ms. Breanna Taylor (HBS)***
Dr. Whitney Whitaker (HBS)**
Dr. Elmer Finck (STM)*
Dr. Tom Schafer (STM)*
Dr. Brooke Moore (Grad School)*
Dr. Eric Deyo (Faculty Senate)***
Mr. Randy Kitzman (Staff Senate)*
Mr. Andy Tincknell (LC Coordinator)
Mr. Brian Gribben (Library Faculty)
Ms. Jennifer Sauer (Library Faculty)
Ms. MaryAlice Wade (Library Faculty)
Ms. Kathleen Cook (Virtual College)
Dr. Linda A (Technology)
Dr. Lexey Bartlett (Writing Center)
Mr. Earl Legleiter (MakerSpace)
Dr. Gordon Carlson (New Media Studies)
Mr. Bob Duffy (Student Affairs)
Ms. Carol Solko-Olliff (Intnl Student Svcs)
Ms. Kaylee Brin (Student)
Ms. Kaytee Wisley (Student)

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ ULC bylaws ]

Open Educational Resource Committee

Ms. Deborah Ludwig, Co-Chair
Dr. Andrew Feldstein, Co-Chair
Ms. Claire Nickerson (OER Librarian)
Dr. Linda A (TILT)
Ms. Seung Gutsch (TILT)
Dr. Rob Byer (AHSS)**
Dr. Dosse Toulaboe (BE)**
      Dr. Suzanne Becking (Ed)*
Dr. Gary Andersen (Ed)**
Ms. Dorothy Ochs (HBS)**
Ms. Hliary Gillock (STM)*
Dr. Laura Wilson (Faculty Senate)**
Dr. Dennis King (VC / Student Affairs)
Ms. Kayelani Kirschbaum (Student)

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ OERC bylaws ]

President's Distinguished Scholar Committee

Dr. Jeff Briggs, Chair
Dr. Mary Martin*
Dr. Jennifer Bonds-Raacke**
Dr. S. Christopher Bennett***
Dr. Dosse Toulaboe*****
Dr. Rich Packauskas*******
[ PDSC bylaws ]

Program Review Committee

Dr. Tim Crowley, Chair
Ms. Kristi Mills (Data Analysis)
Dr. Brooke Moore (Grad School)***
Dr. Pauline Scott (AHSS)*
Dr. Greg Weisenborn (BE)*
      Dr. Chris Jochum (Ed)***
Ms. Susan Dumler (HBS)**
Dr. Grady Dixon (STM)*
Dr. Kayvan Aflatooni (Faculty Senate)**
Ms. Robyn Hartman (Librarian)***

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ PRC bylaws ]

University Promotion Committee

Mr. Toby Flores (AHSS)**
Dr. Mary Martin (BE)*
Dr. Robert Moody (Ed)**
Dr. Lynn Maska (HBS)**
Dr. Hong Biao Zeng (STM)*

*first of two-year term, **second of two year term
[ UPC bylaws ]

Scholarship Environment Committee

Ms. Jennifer Sauer, Chair (Library)**
Dr. Arvin Cruz, Immediate Past Chair
Ms. Leslie Paige (OSSP)
Dr. Josephine Squires (Faculty Research Assoc)
Dr. Keith Bremer (Graduate School)*
Dr. Judith Ofcarcik (AHSS undergrad pgms)**
Ms. Linda Ganstrom (AHSS grad pgms)**
Dr. Kunal Sevak (BE undergrad pgms)**
Dr. Sam Schreyer (BE grad pgms)**
Dr. Brooke Moore (Ed grad pgms)***
Ms. Kerri Snow (Ed undergrad pgms)*
Dr. Fred Britten (HBS undergrad pgms)***
Dr. Christine Hober (HBS grad pgms)*

Dr. Laura Wilson (STM undergrad pgms)*
Dr. Eric Gillock (STM grad pgms)**
Dr. Hendratta Ali (At-Large)**
Ms. Booke Mann (At-Large)*
Dr. Betsy Crawford (At-Large)*
Dr. Nicholas Caporusso (At-Large)*
Dr. Amanda Buday (At-Large)*
Dr. James Balthazor (At-Large)*
Mr. Eric Deneault (At-Large)*
Ms. Rebecca Barnett (undergrad, empirical)
Mr. Reilly Franek (undergrad, non-empirical)
Ms. Jordan Sparrow (grad stdnt, empirical)
TBD (grad student, non-empirical)

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ SEC bylaws ]

Strategic Planning Committee

Appointed by President
Dr. Tim Crowley, Chair
Dr. Jennifer Bonds-Raacke
Dr. Melissa Hunsicker-Walburn
Mr. Craig Karlin
Dr. Dennis King
Ms. Deb Ludwig
Mr. Robert Manry
Dr. Carl Miller
      Mr. Mike Nease
Ms. Claire Nickerson
Ms. Leslie Paige
Dr. Robert Scott
Ms. Amy Schaffer
Ms. Michelle Schlyer
Mr. Ken Windholz
Dr. Lanee Young
Dr. Brett Zollinger

Student Success Committee

Dr. Tim Crowley, Co-Chair
Dr. Dennis King, Co-Chair
Dr. Brad Will (Liberal Education)
Mr. Kenton Russell (First Year Seminar)
Ms. Gina Smith (Kelly Center)
Ms. Maggie Denning (Tutoring Services)
Ms. Jennifer Pfeifer (Accessibility Services)
Dr. Lexey Bartlett (AHSS)
      Dr. Robert Lloyd (BE)*
Dr. Elodie Jones (Ed)***
Ms. Tanya Smith (HBS)**
Mr. Kris Munsch (STM)*
Ms. Debbie Staab (VC)
Ms. Nikki Brown (AACE)
Ms. MaryAlice Wade (Library)***
Ms. Kayelani Kirschbaum (Student)

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ SSC bylaws ]

University Tenure Committee

Ms. Amy Schmierbach (AHSS)**
Dr. Charles Gnizak (BE)**
Dr. Beth Walizer (Ed)*
Dr. Janett Naylor-Tincknell (HBS)**
Dr. Bill Weber (STM)*

*first of two-year term, **second of two year term
[ UTC bylaws ]

Undergraduate Research Environment Steering Group

Dr. Brian Maricle, Biological Sciences
Dr. Juti Winchester, History
Dr. April Park, Psychology
Dr. Emily Breit, Economics and Finance
Dr. Chris Hober, Nursing
Ms. Deb Ludwig, Forsyth Library
Dr. Greg Kandt, Health and Human Performance
Dr. Chris Jochum, Teacher Education
Dr. Whitney Whitaker, Psychology
    Ms. Jeanne Sumrall, Geosciences
Dr. Linda Feldstein, Teacher Education
Ms. Amanda Adams, Biological Sciences
Mr. Braden Allmond, Honor Society
Mr. Jacob Lutgen, Honor Society
Ms. Misty Koonse, OSSP
Ms. Leslie Paige, OSSP

[ URESG bylaws ]

Virtual College Advisory Committee

Now maintained by Student Affairs, May 2017

Workplace Environment Committee

Dr. Paul Faber, Chair
Ms. Shannon Lindsey (Human Resources)
Ms. Amy Schaffer (Ombudsperson)
Dr. Elodie Jones (Faculty)*
Dr. Michael Martin (Faculty*
Mr. Mike Drees (Admin & Finance)*
      Dr. Kenton Olliff (Student Affairs)*
Ms. Sarah Taggart (Technology)*
Ms. Stephanie Johnson (At-Large)*
TBD (At-Large)*
Mr. Randy Kitzman (USS)*
Mr. Graham Applegate (SGA)

*first of three-year term, **second of three-year term, ***third of three-year term
[ WEC bylaws ]

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees are posted through length of service.  No ad hoc committees are active at this time.


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