Course Rotation for the English for Speakers of Other Languages Endorsement Program

 Because all the ESOL Endorsement coursework is available completely online, this program provides you a great deal of convenience and flexibility. Many courses are offered year round in the fall, spring and summer session, although a number are only available twice a year.  You can use this course rotation to help plan out your course of study to ensure you can take the courses when you need them and, ultimately, complete your endorsement coursework when you want. 

3 AEP 803 Educational Research   Online Online Online  
3 AEP 867 Instructional Design & Assessment Online Online
3 AEP 800 Utilization of Technology in the Classroom  Online   Online Online
3 AEP 858 Data Analysis and Assessment   Online Online Online
3 AEP 855 Educational Leadership  Online Online  Online
3 READ 884 Literacy Development    Online Online
3 AEP 880 Cultural Diversity   Online Online Online  
3 ESOL 882 ESOL Linguistics     Online Online
3 ESOL 883 ESOL Assessment & Appraisal  Online       Online      
3 ESOL 884 ESOL Methods & Materials  Online   Online  
3 ESOL 885 Practicum in ESOL  Online Online  
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