The Psychology Department offers flexibility by allowing students to choose either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science route. Although the core coursework is the same for both (listed below), there are some slight differences:


  Bachelor of Arts: A candidate for the BA in psychology must complete a 20 hour sequence of out-of-department courses as approved by the Psychology faculty. Generally, this will be a sequence of courses in one department or area related to the student’s academic or occupational goals. The BA degree also requires completion of 10 hours of a single foreign language.


Bachelor of Science: A candidate for the BS in Psychology must complete 20 hours of course work in Natural Science and/or Mathematics.


We recommend the BS option for students intending doctoral study.

Beginning Fall 2011, the Psychology Department is pleased to announce new curriculum. This will align the department with the American Psychological Association's standards for undergraduate majors. All new Psychology majors beginning Fall 2011 will follow the coursework requirements. Any students who have declared a major in Psychology prior to Fall 2011 will follow the previous requirements. If you have any questions, please contact your advisor.

Students also have the flexibility to complete the BA or BS degree in Psychology via the FHSU Virtual College beginning Fall 2012. Students pursuing this option will follow the curriculum listed below for majors declared Fall 2011 or later. If you have any questions about this exciting new option, please contact the Psychology Department.


Curriculum for Psychology majors declared prior to Fall 2011


Course Number Course Name Credit Hours

Foundation Courses: (9 hours)
PSY 100 General Psychology 3
PSY 200 Advanced General Psychology *** 3
PSY 683 History and Systems 3

Methodology Courses: (8 hours)
PSY 250 Applied Statistics 4
PSY 259 Experimental Psychology Lab 4

Applied Area: Any two from: (6 hours)
PSY 400 Child & Developmental Psychology 3
PSY 340 Social Psychology 3
PSY 300 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 425 Personality 3
PSY 467 Testing & Psychological Measurement 3

Basic Processes Area: Any two from: (6 hours)
PSY 450 Perception 3
PSY 665 Physiological Psychology 3
PSY 330 Elements of Learning 3
PSY 230 Motivation 3
PSY 334 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology 3

Elective Courses in Psychology 5

Total for major: 34

 *** May be listed under PSY 201, The Science of Psychology. Currently these courses are interchangeable.


  Curriculum for Psychology majors declared Fall 2011 or later:

 Psychology Major Requirements – 42 credit hours

The student must complete all of the following:

PSY 100              General Psychology (3)

PSY 201              The Science of Psychology (3)***

PSY 101              Psychology as a Discipline & Profession (1)

PSY 250              Applied Statistics (4)

PSY 259              Experimental Lab (4)

PSY 334              Introduction to Cognitive Psychology (3)

PSY 340              Social Psychology (3)

PSY 665/668      Physiological Psychology/Neuropsychology (3)

PSY 300              Abnormal Psychology (3)

PSY 400              Child and Developmental Psychology (3)

*** This class will also count for PSY 200, Advanced General Psychology

Elective Hour Options (12) -  Choose 2 classes from each category



PSY 315/455      Industrial Psychology / Organizational Psychology                                                 

PSY 357              Forensic Psychology*                                          

PSY 359              Evolutionary Psychology*                                   

PSY 325              Human Sexuality*                          

PSY 355              Drugs & Behavior                          

PSY 415              Adolescence                                  

PSY 420              Psychology of Aging                                               

Varies                Special Topics                                



PSY 330              Elements of Learning

PSY 467              Testing and Psychological Measurement

PSY 450              Perception

PSY 425              Personality

PSY 683              History& Systems of Psychology

PSY 225              Introduction to Therapeutic Skills*


*These courses will be developed. 


 For a comprehensive list of course descriptions, please click here visit the University Course Catalog. 




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