Discover Many Careers Paths with a Psychology Degree

Recently identified as one of the best careers in 2009 by U.S. News and World Report, the employment of psychologists is expected to grow 15 percent from 2006 to 2016. The psychology profession has a higher growth rate than average due to the increased demand for psychological services in schools, hospitals, social service agencies, mental health centers, substance abuse treatment clinics, consulting firms and private companies.

FHSU’s undergraduate psychology program can help prepare you for whatever path you decide to pursue. To help you explore your options, take a course early in your program that discusses various careers in psychology. Additionally, let our faculty assist you in finding internships or volunteer activities to gain experience in the field.

So what can you do with a Psychology degree? While many majors have gone on for graduate studies, others have become school psychologists, counselors and more. Some do not pursue a career directly related to the practice of psychology, but instead take their insights about human behavior, research skills and communication skills to enter a wide variety of business careers.

A few of the many fields our graduates pursue after college include:

  • Animal-Assisted Therapist
  • Engineering psychologist
  • Mental health center
  • Research assistant
  • Social science analyst
  • Urban planning officer
  • Community relations officer
  • Genetics counselor
  • Psychiatric Assistant
  • School psychologist
  • Sports psychologist
  • Vocational Rehabilitation

Still not sure about what career options await you with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology? Visit FHSU’s Academic Advising and Career Exploration Center Web site or contact the Department of Psychology to speak with a faculty advisor. The world is waiting. Where will you go?

FHSU Psychology graduates - out in the world

Kristen Goodheart (2007)
Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX

The graduate program in clinical psychology at FHSU is a great choice for individuals interested in clinical practice immediately following graduation as well as those interested in pursuing a doctoral degree. Completing the master’s program in clinical psychology at FHSU has benefited me as a doctoral student because it provided me with insight about future education. I have found the level of instruction that I received as a master’s student to be at least as good as the instruction I am currently receiving as a doctoral student. At FHSU, the instructors are knowledgeable, experienced, and challenged students to apply academic knowledgeable to the therapeutic setting. Because I enjoyed my experience as a master’s level student, I felt comfortable committing to an intense, 5-year doctoral program and was more confident in my ability to be a successful doctoral student.

Robert Yates III (2006)
Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology
University of North Texas
Denton, TX

The years I spent at FHSU working on my Bachelor's degree in psychology were some of the best years of my life. Because FHSU is a small school, you get the kind of attention and help from professors that is not possible at larger schools. I was able to work with my instructors outside of class on research projects, volunteer activities, conference presentations, and the publication of a journal article. I don't believe that I would have had those opportunities at some other universities. The experiences that I had at Fort Hays State University enabled me to successfully apply to a doctoral program in clinical psychology. Since beginning the program, I have felt completely prepared to meet any challenge, and I believe that is largely due to my experiences in the psychology department at FHSU.