Thank you for your interest in proposing a faculty-led study abroad experience for FHSU! In order to insure that all proposed experiences for our students meet university academic and risk management practices, the university has approved a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Policy that governs these experiences. The university has also developed a Faculty-Led Study Abroad Guidebook that has many good practice tips on how to set up successful experiences for your students. Please refer to both resources before proposing an experience for approval.

The approval pathway begins with the Assistant Provost for Internationalization collecting all the relevant information required to propose an experience. From this point, this information will be routed to the appropriate department chair and academic dean for approval before being taken to the Internationalization Team for review. The Internationalization Team will review the proposal. The Assistant Provost for Internationalization will discuss any suggestions for improvement with the faculty applicant. Upon approval, copies of the proposal and supporting documents will be routed to the appropriate support offices that will need to be notified of the experience (ISSO, financial aid, student fiscal services, and the general counsel).

General Information
Faculty Name: Departments/Units Involved:

FHSU Semester Proposed: Year:

Proposed Destination: FHSU Partnership?:

Departure Date: Saturday, January 01, 2011 Select a Date Delete the Date Return Date: Saturday, January 01, 2011 Select a Date Delete the Date

Will the Faculty Member travel with the Students?Any Special Circumstances?:
Course Information
Will students enroll in a FHSU class?If Yes, proposed Class Dept, Number and Title:

# of credits? Please attach your proposed course syllabus:

If No, please describe how the experience will be set up for the transfer of academic credits:

Student Financial Information
This information is per student. This is the estimated cost to the student.
Tuition & Fees Housing Meals Airfare Other transportation Insurance Other

Will the department contribute scholarships to the experience?If yes, how much per student?
Do you wish to apply for scholarships from the university's study abroad fund?If yes, please send a final roster to the Graduate School prior to departure.

Faculty Member Financial Information
Will travel assistance be requested from the Graduate School for this experience?

What is the "go/no go" deadline for this proposed trip? Saturday, January 01, 2011 Select a Date Delete the Date

IMPORTANT: Your request will not be considered until you submit a proposed syllabus and student roster in an email message to Dr. Tim Crowley. The syllabus will be reviewed for academic standards and the roster is necessary for the many support offices to process this experience for our students.

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