Transition to Teaching Program (T2T)

Congratulations to Alyssa Dawson, English teacher at Ellis High School who is the winner of an iPad in the Transition to Teaching Referral
Drawing. She was nominated by Morgan Menefee, current T2T English teacher at Centre High School in Lost Springs.

 Calendar of Events

  • April 14, 2015  - Wichita, Kansas - 6:30 pm at Joyce Focht Instructional Support Center, 412 S. Main - Join us for a Transition to Teaching Information Session to learn all about our program.
  • April 15, 2015 - Topeka, Kansas - 6:30 pm at Topeka USD Board Room, 624 SW 24th St. - Join us for a Transition to Teaching Information Session to learn all about our program.

The T2T program is designed to fill secondary teaching vacancies in school districts through an alternate route to teacher licensure. It includes the recruitment and training of mid-career professionals seeking a career change to enter the teaching profession. The T2T program uses the restricted license and has developed an on-line professional education curriculum meeting all of the Kansas Professional Education Standards.

T2T Brochure

Candidates are provided with mentors by their school district. The collaboration of school and university personnel will assist candidates in meeting State standards and provide support in completing the program.

Content Areas for Teaching
The following are the teaching content areas in FHSU's Transition to Teaching Program: Agriculture, Art (PreK-12), Biology, Business, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, English, Family and Consumer Sciences, German (Prek-12), History, Journalism, middle level English (5-8), middle level History comprehensive (5-8), middle level Math (5-8), middle level Science (5-8), Mathematics, Music, Physical Education (PreK-12), Physics, Psychology, Spanish (PreK-12) and Technology Studies.



"Being a busy wife, mom, teacher, and coach the T2T program allows me to do my work when, and where it is convenient for me. The T2T teachers and staff are extremely helpful and easy to work with. Without this program my dream of becoming a teacher wouldn't have been possible."
Carrie Schmidt, Physical Education Teacher, Topeka Hayden High School

"The summer Induction Class prepared me very well to enter the classroom on the first day" - First Year Teaching Candidate.T2TJoeLeiker
"I appreciate that the entire program can be done on-line" - First Year Teaching Candidate.
"I have a super mentor that always makes time for me" - First Year Teaching Candidate.
"I love the kids and what they bring to the table in my class" - First Year Teaching Candidate.
"I learned good classroom management principles" - Second Year Teaching Candidate.
"The T2T program has allowed me to work and become certified as a teacher" - Third Year Teaching Candidate.
"The support staff at the school and FHSU have answers that are only an email away"
 - Third Year Teaching Candidate.

T2T Requirements

Disclaimer: All information provided has been prepared as correctly and accurately as possible at the time of publication. Any future changes to regulations/requirements by the Kansas State Department of Education or FHSU may supersede the current requirements. The university reserves the right to make changes in the content of this information without obligation or requirement of notices to any person.

How Do I Begin?

  • Contact Mrs Sherry Spangler, T2T Administrative Assistant, 785-628-5498 or OR Mrs. Kerry Schuckman, FHSU Licensure Officer, 785-628-4542 or Send or fax (785-628-4447) copies of transcripts for an analysis to determine if you qualify for the program.
  • If eligible, locate a teaching position within your content area. You may contact local school districts directly, go to or attend the FHSU Teacher Career Fair in April.
  • Take and pass the Subject Area Assessment required for your teaching area. Must be passed prior to receiving a restricted teaching license. To register, go to
  • After a position is secured, you'll need to complete the KSDE application for a restricted teaching license ($65*) and be fingerprinted ($50*). A Plan of Study will be created outlining required courses you will take. KSDE will accept old assessments for up to 6 years after the beginning date of a new assessment as long as the old assessment was taken and passed prior to the beginning date of the new assessment.

* Current fee rates

Admission Process

The admission process is a collaborative effort with the applicant, a school district, and Fort Hays State University. Applicants must: 

Once you have been hired, contact the FHSU Licensure Office. You will be sent directions for completing the KSDE Application (Form 9) and a Plan of Study will be created for you. Once the application materials have been returned to the Licensure Office, you will need to apply to the Graduate School. A completed application to the Graduate School for programs in the Advanced Education Programs Department includes evidence of a successful Background Check.  Once accepted to the Graduate School, you can then enroll for the applicable courses on your Plan of Study.

Project m-NET Grant

Fort Hays State University is a partner for an alternative licensure grant called Project m-NET (Mobilizing National Educator Talent) with  The Ohio State University for the purpose of recruiting recent college graduates and highly qualified mid-career professionals that desire to become fully licensed teachers. 

We have received a sizeable subaward of a grant for this project which will support participants as they transition to fully licensed teachers who serve as teachers of record in a core academic area for at least three years in high need, hard-to-staff school districts.  You may be eligible to receive up to $3,000 per year for tuition reimbursement if you qualify for the program. 

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