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Mathematics/Math Education Concentration

About the Program

The Master of Liberal Studies concentration in Mathematics/Math Education is often earned by students who have received a bachelor's degree or minor in math. 

If you plan on doing the MLS concentration in Mathematics, you should have finished your undergraduate degree with at least a minor in math. It is possible to take some 'independent studies' courses as distance education courses, but most of your coursework would have to be on campus. 

Program Admissions Requirements

This concentration requires a 2.5 GPA or higher on the last 60 undergraduate credit hours.

Program Curriculum

MLS Core Courses: 10 credit hours (required)

  • IDS 801: Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies
  • IDS 802: Ways of Knowing in Comparative Perspective
  • IDS 803: Origins and Implications of the Knowledge Society
  • IDS 804: Information Literacy

Concentration: 21 credit hours

While there is some flexibility in the MLS concentration in Math/Math Education, the Department of Mathematics focuses this concentration on three areas:

  1. enhancing certification for middle school math teachers (courses in this area are being developed jointly with the College of Education to reflect the new licensure teaching standards),
  2. enhancing certification for secondary school teachers, and
  3. those teaching at the secondary level who would like to be able to teach college algebra.

Courses in the above three areas reflect new licensure standards, and are available through ITV or on-campus. Students who are licensed (7-12) are also required to complete nine hours of coursework from the list below, all of which can be taken as an Independent Studies course*.

  • MATH 610: Higher Algebra
  • MATH 620: Modern Geometry
  • MATH 631: Advanced Calculus I
  • MATH 646: Discrete Structures
  • MATH 650: Probability and Statistics
  • MATH 665: Numerical Analysis
  • MATH 671: Theory of Numbers

*There is a limit to the number of Independent Studies courses that a student can include in her or his MLS program.

Total Hours Required: 31 credit hours

Students completing their MLS program in this concentration will have the following notation on their transcripts:

  • Master of Liberal Studies
  • Major: Liberal Studies (Mathematics)

Program Contact

Contact Dr. Keith Dreiling (785-628-4240) if you think the Master of Liberal Studies with a concentration in Mathematics is right for you. Once you have been admitted to this concentration, please follow the MLS Checklist and carefully read the MLS Student Handbook.

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