Abilene couple establishes scholarship fund for FHSU students from Dickinson County

Joe and June Nold, originally from Abilene and Lenora respectively, have established the Joe and June Nold Scholarship Fund to provide assistance to Dickinson County students who attend Fort Hays State University.

"With assistance from the FHSU Foundation, the Nolds are giving $600,000 in a trust to endow their scholarship fund through the Community Foundation of Dickinson County," Dr. Edward H. Hammond, FHSU president, said during a news conference today. "This funding will continue beyond their lives, guaranteeing a quality education for Dickinson County's youth for many years to come."

Coincidentally, the Nolds' gift comes in the wake of Fort Hays State University's Power of One scholarship campaign, which has reached 90 percent of its ambitious $8-million goal with $7.5 million receipted. "The number one need for FHSU students is scholarship dollars," President Hammond said. "Making the $8 million goal a reality will be possible with gifts like the one from Joe and June Nold, for which the university and the Foundation are extremely thankful."

The Nolds met at FHSU, where Joe received a degree in Science and Industrial Arts in 1962. They married and moved to San Diego, where June finished her degree of Arts in Liberal Studies and went on to teach in California. She later began teaching in Kansas while Joe rose to the position of executive vice president at the Coleman Company in Wichita.

After retiring, Joe and June relocated to Joe's hometown of Abilene, where they give back generously to their community. June served as the president of the Arts Council of Dickinson County and Joe served as a county commissioner. They were among the founders of the Community Foundation of Dickinson County, and Joe served as chairman of its board of directors.

Joe Nold introduced his wife at the news conference and joked that she was "petrified" about the stories he might tell from when they were FHSU students. He said a lot of great things happened to both of them at FHSU, and the No. 1 best for him was June.

Nold shared that they had come back to campus in 2012 for their 50th reunion, and they quickly discovered that something special was going on at FHSU. He said they wanted to be part of it, and decided that endowing scholarships was what they would do.

He said he learned during his career in industry that "a product doesn't come out the back unless raw materials come in the front door. The product in this instance is world-ready college graduates." After having lunch with the first four scholarship recipients, Nold said he hoped the future recipients would be of the same caliber.

"This scholarship support from the Nolds will impact students at FHSU in perpetuity," said Tim Chapman, president and CEO of the FHSU Foundation. "What a great legacy for them. A life journey that began at FHSU now serves as an example of how one life can make a huge difference in the lives of others."

The Joe and June Nold Scholarships are fully renewable and are awarded to four incoming Dickinson County freshmen in any area of study each year. With new freshmen added each year, the Nolds eventually will be supporting four freshmen, four sophomores, four juniors and four seniors, so within four years the scholarships will be awarded in the total amount of $30,000 per year.

Chapman introduced the recipients of the Joe and June Nold Scholarships for the 2013-2014 academic year: Alexis Boatright, Solomon High School; Kiley Crider, Abilene High School; Makenzie Dornbusch, Herington High School; and Ashten Slater, Herington High School.

"I cannot express how grateful I was and still am for this scholarship," Slater said at the news conference. "It took a great deal of stress off of not only me but my parents too. I knew the second I met Joe and June that they are great people, and I thank them so much for their help through this scholarship."

The other three students sent statements of appreciation to the Nolds:
* "Joe and June Nold's generous contribution to these several Fort Hays State students is absolutely amazing, and I am extremely thankful that I am one of them. Attending college is expensive, and this scholarship has taken away some of the burden. It is very impressive that these scholarships will be helping FHSU students from Dickinson County forever! One day, I hope to do the same for young students because I realize how much it can help them." -- Kiley Crider
* "The Joe and June Nold Scholarship has helped me out a lot. Coming from a single parent home it is hard not being able to afford everything, so being able to earn this scholarship meant so much to me. I appreciate their thoughtfulness for handing all of the scholarships out because every little bit that you receive helps out so much." -- Makenzie Dornbusch
* "The Nold scholarship has helped me out tremendously and it means everything in the world to me. I am honestly grateful that I was selected to receive the scholarship. Thank you for the great opportunity." -- Alexis Boatright

The Fort Hays State University Foundation is an independent, non-profit corporation designated by the state of Kansas to receive gifts on behalf of the university. Anyone interested in contributing to Fort Hays State may contact the FHSU Foundation at 785-628-5620 or visit the website at http://foundation.fhsu.edu.

To support the Joe and June Nold Scholarship fund please visit https://secure.fhsu.edu/foundation and type "Joe and June Nold Scholarship" in the Area of Designation box.

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