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Certificate in Case Management

Available on campus and online (via FHSU's Virtual College)

Case managers are integral members of the treatment team at mental health centers. They work with adults and children who have significant mental health issues, assisting them in living as independently as possible in their communities.

Use your ingenuity, creativity, and problem solving skills to help other people grow, recover, live well, and be well, and gain the education and training you need to enter one of the fastest growing professions in the mental health field in Kansas.

This certificate has been developed through the collaborative efforts of Fort Hays State University's Psychology Department and High Plains Mental Health Center, helping ensure it meets the needs of today's mental health centers.

To earn the 18-credit hour certificate, you must complete the following classes.

  • PSY 100 General Psychology (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 300 Abnormal Psychology (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 330 Elements of Learning (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 350 Case Management (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 400 Child and Development Psychology (3 credit hours)
  • PSY 476C Apprenticeship* (3 credit hours)

* A limited number of students will be accepted for the apprenticeship. Therefore you are not guaranteed acceptance in this class.

Quotes from Case Managers

Melissa Reif, Case Manager III

"I graduated from FHSU in 1999 with a B.S. in Psychology and wasn't ready to go on to graduate school. I wasn't aware of Case Management positions until the Rooks County position became available and I decided to apply for it. Since then, I've learned so much about people and their struggles with mental illness. Case Management has provided me a great opportunity to work in a psychology-related field without having to go on to graduate school."

Lacy Albrecht, Case Manager (BS in Psychology from FHSU)

"FHSU's Case Management in a Mental Health Setting Class helped me to decide what kind of job I wanted to pursue when I graduated. The class gave me an understanding of what exactly a Case Manager does. I started my job knowing how to do a lot of the functions of a Case Manager and some of the ethical issues I would face. I have worked as a Case Manager for almost a year and absolutely love it!"

Ross Roberts Case Manager II

"There is probably no other job that can be as rewarding and as challenging as Case Management can be. I love working with people and it is thrilling to see them improve their lives and know that you have played a small part in that. In can also be frustrating when despite your best efforts people continue to struggle."

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