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Family Nurse Practitioner Program (FNP)

The Family Nurse Practitioner program at FHSU offers 2-year plans of study. Upon admission to the program, students are asked to choose a plan of study that fits their needs. Having 2 year plans of study allows each student to take classes according to their needs while taking into account their life demands.

Required Courses
MSN Core Courses (18 credit hours)
NURS 808 Statistics for Health Professionals (3 credit hrs.)
NURS 810 Developing Nursing Theories (3 credit hrs.)
NURS 811 Foundations for Advanced Nursing (3 credit hrs.)
NURS 812 Primary Health Promotion (2 credit hrs.)
NURS 814 Healthcare Policy/Politics/Organization/Cost (2 credit hrs.)
NURS 817 Holistic Perspective and Health Potential (2 credit hrs.)
NURS 895 Advanced Research (3 credit hrs.)

FNP Core Courses (11 credit hours)
NURS 805 Advanced Pathophysiology (3 credit hrs.)
NURS 806 Advanced Pharmacology (3 credit hrs.)
NURS 803 Advanced Health Assessment (2 credit hrs.)
NURS 803L Advanced Health Assessment Lab (1 credit hrs.)
NURS 816 Nurse Practitioner Roles in Primary Care (2 credit hrs.)

FNP Tract Courses (22 credit hours)
NURS 818 Primary Care of the Family Preceptorship (1 credit hr.)
NURS 819 Primary Care of the Family (1 credit hr.)
NURS 821 Primary Care I: Management of Common Problems (3 credit hrs.)
Nurs 824 Primary Care I Preceptorship (3 credit hrs.)
Nurs 825 Diagnostics and Procedures (1 credit hr.)
NURS 826 Diagnostics and Procedures Preceptorship (1 credit hr.)
NURS 832 Primary Care II: Management of Complex Problems (3 credit hrs.)
NURS 834 Primary Care II Preceptorship (3 credit hrs.)
NURS 835 Primary Care Across the Lifespan (2 credit hrs.)
NURS 836 Primary Care Across the Lifespan (2 credit hrs.)
NURS 895 FNP project (1 credit hr. –must take 2 semesters)

Post Masters 

FHSU offers a post masters in the Family Nurse Practitioner Tract. Courses are individualized for each candidate based on their previous education. A customized plan will be developed for each candidate after admission to the program. 


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