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Career Exploration Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Academic Advising and Career Exploration Center (AACE)?

We are an advising and career center where you can explore majors, make new career choices, do career research, meet with a career advisor and use career assessments to develop appropriate career expectations and goals. It is also the home for all the "Tigers" who are exploratory or those who would like to confirm their major or career.

Who can use the Career Exploration services?

Career Exploration at FHSU is set up for current students, traditional and non-traditional free of charge. We are available to help the community, but there is a $50 charge to use our services. Our focus is to help students find a major or career.

Where is the center located?

AACE is located in Picken Hall, Room 311.

What is Career Exploration?

Career Exploration is the process of finding your ideal major or career, based upon your interests, motivational traits, personality, values, abilities, aptitudes, personal work style and work environment preferences. Inventories are available at the center based upon personality, interest, values and strengths at no charge for students attending FHSU. Whether you're a traditional or non-traditional student or this is your first career or a career change, the center is here to help find the major or career that best suits you.

What is the goal of Career Exploration?

The goal to help you identify the fields and occupations for which you may be best suited by establishing your interests, skills, values, abilities and personality preferences.

Are there career related courses on campus I can take?

Yes, we offer UNIV 100: Major and Career Exploration. This course is designed to aid you in career development through self-awareness, academic awareness and career awareness. This course is offered on campus or virtually in the Fall and Spring semesters and virtually in the Summer.

Are the Career Exploration services confidential?

The AACE staff may not disclose any student information unless you give written consent. Our staff can explain exceptions such as subpoenas that are issued by the court or incidents where you or others are at risk of danger or harm.

Is there a deadline for declaring a major?

FHSU does not have a set deadline for declaring a major; however, FHSU has a 55 hour general education program and students are encouraged to decide on a major around 45 hours. A delay in choosing a major may force you to choose courses outside the general education requirements that may not reflect the major you eventually choose. Most students declare their major by the end of their sophomore year.

Where can I learn more about the majors offered at FHSU?

FHSU offers more than 60 majors for undergraduates and 19 for graduate students. Extensive information on majors and programs at FHSU can be found on our Academics page.

How do I change/declare my major?

To change your major you will need to meet with your current advisor and request that your files be sent to the new department. That way the new department chair can change your major and assign you a new advisor. Either your new advisor or your old advisor will update your degree change within the system. You can check to see who your advisor is by looking at your TigerTracks account.

When should students begin to use Career Exploration?

Research shows that the best time to do Career Exploration is in your sophomore year in college. This gives you a full solid year to get familiar with college and learn more about yourself. It also reduces the amount of times you change your major. Currently, the average college student changes their major 5-6 times. We want to reduce that number through career exploration.

How do I make an appointment?

To schedule an appointment contact our office. Any one of our staff will gladly set you up with an appointment with one of our career advisors.

How long are the Career Exploration appointments?

Career Exploration appointments are generally set up for three sessions. Depending on your needs more sessions can be arranged. The length of the appointment can also vary, but typically lasts about an hour. Overall, you can expect to spend about 3-6 weeks covering all aspects of the career exploration process. Between sessions you may spend about one-two weeks researching and exploring career options. This gives you enough time to confide in friends, family members, and other people who can help you make a career decision.

What is the difference between what the AACE offers and Career Services?

Career Exploration is more of an evaluation and self-assessment to help identify viable career options and goals. It is a process in which the student meets regularly to discuss interests, values, abilities and personality traits that can lead to choosing a major here at FHSU and a future career.

Career Services addresses career-related concerns such as finding employment or using the degree you have. They assists students, alumni and the community in acquiring the skills necessary for a successful job search and provides extensive information on numerous employment opportunities. Resources are also available to assist students seeking admittance to graduate/professional school. Career Services can aid you in the development of resumes, cover letters and help with interviewing skills.

How can I learn more about what I can do with my major?

Please go to our "What Can I Do With a Major In" Web site.

To learn more about how to apply for those occupations, contact Career Services.

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