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If you are unsure about your major, the AACE Center is an essential resource for you. Our goal is to assist you in developing a meaningful education plan that meets your career goals and helps prepare you for a life of change, challenge and individual fulfillment.
If you have not declared a major, you will be assigned an academic advisor to help you select courses and explore majors. Your academic advisor is familiar with all majors at Fort Hays State University and can help you choose courses that fulfill the general education requirements and lead to a decision on a major. You can visit the AACE Center during advisement and pre-enrollment periods or at any time you wish to explore major/career options.

The AACE Center can assist you with:

    Course selection each semester you have not declared a major

    On-campus resources

    Career Exploration for exploratory students or students who would like to confirm their major

The following links are provided to assist you during your education at FHSU.

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