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Graduate faculty status shall be automatically given to faculty members who meet Higher Learning Commission (HLC) standards, as determined by the appropriate program or department. Department chairs are responsible for notifying the Graduate School of new hires or changes to faculty status (e.g., a faculty member earns the terminal degree).   

Privileges & Responsibilities: Graduate faculty shall be allowed to: provide graduate level instruction, serve as chairs of graduate committees and thesis/field study committees, develop or re-develop courses numbered 600-999, and advise graduate students according to established Graduate School procedures.  Advising duties shall include, but not be limited to: timely admissions recommendations, filing programs of study, approval of course schedules, supervision of graduate assistants, knowledge of university policies and procedures regarding graduate education, candidacy, disciplinary and career advisement, design and coordination of comprehensive examinations, and thesis/field study/catalog submission.  Attendance at Graduate School commencement-related activities is expected. 

Individuals who do not hold graduate faculty status may perform some advising tasks, if their credentials warrant hire in a professional advisor position.  Approval shall be given by the graduate dean in accordance with the nature of the professional appointment.   

The current operating paper for the Graduate School found in Chapter 2 of the Faculty Handbook describes graduate faculty and the Graduate Council at FHSU. 

Graduate School Videos

Accessing the Graduate School/Office workflow:
This video will show you how to access the Graduate School/Office work flow in IBM Notes. In the Graduate School workflow is where you will find forms need by the graduate school for each graduate student.

Program of Study:
This video will show you how to use IBM Notes to fill out a program of study for a graduate student.

Program of Study from a Template:
This video will show you how to use IBM Notes to fill out a program of study for a graduate student using a premade template. Please note that not all graduate programs have a premade templet. If your department would like a templet made, or to update a preexisting template, please contact the Graduate School for assistance.

Candidacy Application:
This video will show you how to fill out an application for candidacy form using IBM Notes.

Thesis Report:
This video will show you how to enter a thesis report for a student using the Graduate School workflow in IBM Notes.

Tiger Central Advising:
This video will show you how to use the advising center on Tiger Central to view a student’s program of study, candidacy date, and the comprehensive exam report.


 Graduate Council Meeting Minutes 

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