Gerontology Curriculum

The Masters of Professional Studies with a concentration in Gerontology is designed to assist the individual in developing the skills necessary to deal with the complex issues surrounding the growing population of older adults in our society. The program provides the individual with the skill set necessary to identify and understand emerging and existing issues related to aging, analyze options for addressing these issues, and locate the necessary resources to deal with them. All courses are available through the Virtual College. Please consult with Glen McNeil regarding course availability in specific semesters in order to assemble a program of study.

CORE (9 Credit Hours)

  • HHP 605 Introduction to Gerontology (3 Credit Hours)
  • HHP 815 Research in Health and Human Performance (3 Credit Hours)
  • HHP 825 Statistical Analysis in Health and Human Performance (3 Credit Hours)

MAJOR (12 Credit Hours)

  • HHP 612 Physiology of Aging (3)
  • HHP 617 Nutrition and Aging (3)
  • SOCW 620 Spirituality and Aging (3)
  • SOC 644 Sociology of Aging (3)

ELECTIVES (6 Credit Hours)

Must be graduate level (600 and above) and can come from any academic discipline that contributes meaningfully to the students program of study. All electives must be approved they the student's advisor. Offerings are variable and will depend on the department from which they are taken.

PROJECT (3 Credit Hours)

  • HHP 873 Culminating Experience/Internship (3) - this course to be taken as the final course in the program
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