Wooster Place

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In January, 1961, construction began on the first married students' apartments. Today, residence at Wooster Place is no longer restricted to married students and their families. Both one- and two-bedroom apartments are available for rent. Providing 84 apartments with a total of 69,617 gross square feet of living space, the apartments alleviated a shortage of student housing on campus. All apartments were renovated between May 2003 and May 2005.

The apartments are named in honor of university president, President Lyman Dwight Wooster. Dr. Wooster began employment with the university as a faculty member in 1909 and taught for 32 years. He served as dean of the college the last two years of President Rarick's administration and was appointed on August 15, 1941, to succeed President Rarick. He served as president until 1949.

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