Physical Plant Departments

Departments that are part of the FHSU Physical Plant include the following:

Physical Plant Administration

Jim Schreiber, Director, Grounds & Custodial Services
Jim Schreiber (785) 628-4279
Terry Pfeifer, Director, Building & Maintenance Operations
Terry Pfeifer (785) 628-4259
Physical Plant Office (785) 628-4424

The Physical Plant administration coordinates the daily activities of all shops in the Physical Plant department.

Building Maintenance
Terry Pfeifer, Director, Building & Maintenance Operations
(785) 628-4259
Trent Hansen, Residential Facilities Supervisor
(785) 628-5354

Personnel in this department represent a variety of skilled trades. They work diligently to keep the campus infrastructure in repair and all systems operating at top efficiency.

Central Purchasing
Shipping and Receiving

Wayne Gerstner, Manager
(785) 628-4230

Central Purchasing stores, retails and delivers a small selection of commonly used office supplies for departments on campus and orders all office supplies for the entire campus. Central Purchasing is the collection point for outgoing freight. Inbound freight arriving on large trucks is also delivered to Central Purchasing for distribution.

Custodial Services
Vickie Fisher, Academic Facilities Manager
(785) 628-4297
Luke Depenbusch, Residential Facilities Manager
(785) 628-4265

Custodial personnel care for all academic and residential life buildings on campus, daily cleaning classrooms, offices, athletic facilities, auditoriums, and public use areas.

Terry Pfeifer, Supervisor
(785) 628-5266

Various renovation and remodeling projects on campus stand as testimony to the skill and craftsmanship possessed by the in-house construction crew. Sternberg Museum and McCartney Hall were completely renovated with in-house labor, as was Lewis Field West Stadium Locker Room. Office suites in the Virtual College, Davis Hall 206, Rarick Hall 233 and Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science are other recent projects. Forty-three general classrooms have been remodeled to provide modern, high-tech facilities. The construction crew is currently completing various remodeling projects on campus.

Energy Division
Keith Dreher, Supervisor
(785) 628-5281

The Energy Division is responsible for the Akers Energy Center operation, two 900 kw peak-shaving generation units, 4160vac distribution system and the Staefa digital control system used in over 95% of the university buildings. Akers Energy Center is located south of Tomanek Hall. The power plant generates steam to heat campus buildings and serves as a distribution center for electrical service to the university. It is manned 24 hours a day during the heating season and 8 hours a day during the cooling season.

Roy Ibarra, Supervisor
(785) 628-4333

Responsibilities of this office include taking care of any environmental concerns, hazardous waste collection and disposal, lead and asbestos abatement. Staff safety training is provided covering many different topics. Fire safety issues are also addressed by this office.

Gross/Cunningham Hall Complex Operations
Troy Keller, Manager
(785) 628-4199

Besides caring for the classrooms, offices and gyms in this 322,979 g.s.f. facility, personnel in this department also care for Lewis Field Stadium facilities. Hundreds of athletic and other public events are scheduled annually in these facilities, bringing thousands of visitors to campus. This department also provides custodial support for the Robbins Center which houses the university Foundation and Alumni department.

Grounds and Greenhouse
Jim Schreiber, Supervisor
(785) 628-4279

Faculty, staff, students and visitors alike enjoy the beauty of the campus grounds which are maintained by this department. This department also takes care of solid waste disposal for the entire campus, provides support for maintenance of athletic fields and takes care of snow removal.

Lock Shop
Stephen Fisher, Academic Facilities Supervisor
(785) 628-4347
Trent Hansen, Residential Facilities Supervisor
(785) 628-5423

This department plays an instrumental part in the security of campus buildings. Keys are issued to faculty, staff and student employees in academic buildings from the University Police office in Custer Hall, room 112. Residential building keys are also issued from the University Police office.

Mail Center
Clara Dreiling, Manager
(785) 628-4400

The mail center, located in the Memorial Union, room 125, is the collection point for all incoming and outgoing first-class mail for academic departments on campus. Inter-departmental mail is also distributed from the mail center.

Motor Pool
Duane Weigel, Supervisor
(785) 628-4270

Faculty, staff and students utilize motor pool services heavily for official state business travel. Cars, one 7-passenger mini-vans, one 8-passenger vans and four 12-passenger vans comprise the motor pool fleet.

Printing Services
Cary Stremel, Manager
(785) 628-5310

FHSU offers a full-service printing and copying facility on campus. Labeling and bulk mailing services are also provided.

Residential Life Maintenance
Trent Hansen, Manager
(785) 628-5354

Daily maintenance, service and repair to the student residential facilities at McMindes, Wiest, Custer, Agnew, Wooster Place and Stadium Place is the responsibility of this department.

Sternberg Operations

James Helget, Operations Manager
(785) 628-5944

Maintenance, security and custodial services are provided for Sternberg Museum by Sternberg Operations staff.

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