Simple Energy Conservation Tips

The FHSU campus continues to look for ways to conserve energy. Here are five simple Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) that everyone can practice.

  1. Shut off unoccupied lighting:
    Please remember to ALWAYS shut off lights when you leave an area. Even if the lighting is fluorescent lighting, it is cheaper to have the lights off.
  2. Shut off unused computers and equipment:
    Always shut off your computers and equipment before you leave for the day. When these items are turned on, they consume electricity.
  3. Do not turn on computers in computer labs unless they are needed.
    A room full of powered on computers wastes energy if only a few at one time are being used. Please turn them on only when they are needed.
  4. Report excessive temperature variations:
    Please report excessive temperature variations in your area to the Physical Plant. If you believe the temperature falls outside of normal operations (68-72 degrees in the winter and 74-78 degrees in the summer), please contact the Physical Plant at 4424. It is very possible that something requires our attention.
  5. Remind others:
    Please remind others to conserve energy and think green. Your part may seem small, but in the big picture, you do make a difference.

Please continue to look for other opportunities to reduce utility consumption in your work, study, living, recreation or learning space on campus.

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