It is very important that all work-related injuries to faculty, staff or student employees be promptly documented and reported. The Environmental/Safety Officer reviews accident reports and implements changes necessary to improve work safety.

The safety of all faculty, staff and students at FHSU is a high priority. Safety training is provided covering many different topics, including Bloodborne Pathogens; Electrical Safety; Lockout/Tagout Procedures; Hot Work Safety Policy; Scaffold and Ladder Safety; Heat Stress Safety; Personal Protection Equipment; Asbestos Awareness; Workplace Violence; Back and Lifting Safety; and Hearing Protection. Feel free to call the Environmental/Safety office at 628-4333 to schedule training on these topics and/or request information on other safety topics.

Additional responsibilities of the Environmental/Safety office include taking care of any environmental concerns, hazardous waste collection and disposal, and lead and asbestos abatement. Policies have been developed to address the management of hazardous waste generated at FHSU.

Reducing occupational exposure to infectious diseases is another high priority addressed by the Environmental/Safety office. Steps taken to provide protection are outlined in the Exposure Control Plan.

The Environmental/Safety Officer coordinates annual inspections of FHSU facilities by the State Fire Marshal and addresses fire safety issues. Related responsibilities include inspection and testing of portable fire extinguishers and fire alarm systems.

Supervision of all above-ground and underground storage tanks is the responsibility of the Environmental/Safety officer. Regulations pertaining to annual inspections, monitoring and permits for the storage tanks are followed.

The University is actively involved in recycling paper products, plastic, yard waste, and batteries, as well as silver recovery and mercury cleaning.

Please feel free to e-mail Roy Ibarra (aibarra@fhsu.edu), Environmental/Safety Officer, with any questions or concerns.

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