Clean and Green Program

Clean and Green Logo

The University Physical Plant Department is making efforts to promote a "Clean and Green" campus. Why? Because this common theme allows us as one team (students and staff) to make a difference for the entire FHSU community and campus. 

Clean - represents zero litter

Green - initiate energy conservation opportunities, support recycling of electronic equipment, paper, cardboard and other items.

The Physical Plant would like to challenge you, your office, department, building, etc. to organize litter pick-up walk-abouts, initiate simple energy conservation opportunities, or support paper, plastic and cardboard recycling. It is easy, it is the right thing to do, and it will make a difference. 

Five Simple Energy Conservation Tips
Save Money at Home
Compact Fluorescent Light BulbsYour Home Cooling System

Indoor Poster and Handbill Policy

Bulletin/message boards are provided in all buildings for posters and announcements. No posters or announcements are to be posted on doors, glass, tile or painted surfaces in any building on campus. All posters should be removed immediately after the advertised event or meeting has taken place. Guidelines have been developed with regard to the Campus Posting Policy.


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