Services Provided


  • Phone #: (785) 628-4424
  • Coordinate activities of all shops in the Physical Plant
  • Provide emergency response to most situations
  • Schedule motor pool vehicles for faculty/staff/student travel
  • Coordinate work order system
  • Provide a coordinating function between university departments and Physical Plant services
  • Provide long-range planning for the Physical Plant
  • Special Campus Initiative: Clean and Green Program

Building Maintenance

  • Phone #: (785) 628-4259
  • Maintain all university facilities, except the Memorial Union
  • Provide plumbing, carpentry, electrical, welding and painting services
  • Minor remodeling

Central Purchasing

  • Phone #: (785) 628-4239
  • Store, retail and deliver a small selection a small selection of commonly used office supplies for departments on campus
  • Order all office supplies for the entire campus
  • Assist departments in finding vendors and items needed
  • Special order any item needed
  • Deliver packages from the mailroom
  • Collection point for outgoing freight
  • Receive and deliver inbound freight arriving on large trucks
  • Pick up and ship outgoing UPS and Federal Express packages
  • Make special arrangements with freight lines, if needed
  • Assist with filing freight claims
  • Deliver news releases to local news media
  • Listing of 115 million personal and business phone numbers available
  • Thomas Register available listing items and vendors
  • Provide forklift and forklift operator as needed


  • Phone #: (785) 628-5266
  • Remodel university offices and classrooms
  • Exterior construction, sidewalks, etc.
  • Partial list of accomplishments since construction crew was established in 1994:
    1) 43+ Classroom Renovations
    2) Sternberg Museum Renovation
    3) Lewis Field West Stadium Locker Room Renovation
    4) Virtual College Office Suite Renovation
    5) Davis Hall 206 Office Suite Renovation
    6) McCartney Hall 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floor Renovation
    7) Wellness Center Renovation
    8) Lewis Field East Stadium Renovation
    9) Rarick 233 Office Suite Renovation
    10) Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science Facilities
    11) Built Soccer Training Facility
    12) Tiger Tech and Tiger Learn Remodeling in Tomanek Hall
    13) Tomanek 112 and Tomanek 124 Classroom Remodels
    14) 2,000' Water Line Installation
    15) Rodeo Press Box
    16) Sheridan Chiller Replacement
    17) President's Residence Remodel
    18) Gross Coliseum Ceiling Replacement at Gates 1, 2, 3, and 4
    19) Painted upper concourse door frames and walls at Gross Coliseum

    Photos from Construction Projects


  • Phone #: (785) 628-4297
  • Regular cleaning of facilities
  • Move furniture between offices within a building
  • Deliver and set up tables and chairs for events
  • Chauffeur for special events
  • Assist with painting rooms, as needed

Energy Division

  • Phone #: (785) 628-5281, (785) 628-4238
  • Operate two 900 kw peak-shaving generation units
  • Manage 4160vac distribution system
  • Monitor and maintain Staefa digital control system used in over 95% of university buildings
  • Maintain and operate central steam generation plant
  • Maintain steam/utility tunnels
  • Operate and maintain decorative water fountains on campus
  • Operate signage engraving service
  • Maintain water treatment of campus cooling towers
  • Maintain backup power for the switching of university electrical feeder distribution


  • Phone #: (785) 628-4333
  • Provide training - Bloodborne Pathogens; Electrical Safety; Scaffold and Ladder Safety; Heat Stress Safety; Personal Protection Equipment; Asbestos Awareness; Workplace Violence; Back and Lifting Safety; Hearing Protection
  • Services - Respiratory protection plan; Indoor air quality monitoring; Asbestos abatement, monitoring and removal
  • Hazardous Waste - Planning, identification, bulking, monitoring, permitting, disposal
  • Recycling - Paper, plastic, silver recovery, mercury cleaning, yard waste, batteries, etc.
  • Storage Tanks - Responsible for inspection, monitoring, and permitting of above/below ground storage tanks
  • Solid Waste - Monitor storm water run-off, tree/shrub burn site, sewage
  • Hearing Protection - Monitoring, baselines, PPE
  • Pick up medical waste and hazardous waste and deliver to waste site
  • Lead Abatement - Monitoring, inspection, remediation
  • Fire Marshal Issues - Responsible for inspections, portable fire extinguishers, inspection and testing of fire alarms, fire suppression and egress

Gross/Cunningham Complex Operations

  • Phone #: (785) 628-4199
  • Maintain all recreation and athletic facilities
  • Set up for special events
  • Provide custodial service for Gross Coliseum/Cunningham Hall and Lewis Field Stadium
  • Provide custodial service for the Foundation, Robbins Center


  • Phone #: (785) 628-4279
  • Maintain campus lawns, foliage, trees and flowers
  • Provide snow and ice removal on sidewalks, streets and parking lots
  • Assist with moving departmental furniture between buildings
  • Assist with construction
  • Operate campus trash removal service
  • Recycle paper and cardboard
  • Perform minor street and parking lot maintenance
  • Operate and maintain the university greenhouse
  • Landscaping design, installation and maintenance

Lock Shop

  • Phone #: (785) 628-4347
  • Issue keys to faculty, staff and students
  • Install, maintain and service all university locks
  • Perform maintenance on doors

Mail Center

  • Phone #: (785) 628-4400
  • Provide campus mail distribution
  • Provide first class mail metering
  • Process incoming and outgoing first class mail
  • Process priority, registered, insured and international mail
  • Note: The Mail Center does not sell stamps or handle cash transactions. Stamps are available at the Service Center in the Memorial Union.

Motor Pool

  • Phone #: (785) 628-4270
  • Provide cars and vans for university business travel
  • Provide a driver for trips, if needed for medical reasons
  • Provide shuttle service on campus

Printing Services

  • Phone #: (785) 628-5310
  • Full service printing facility, including full color processing up to 18" x 25"
  • Complete black and white copy service up to 12" x 18"
  • Complete full color copy and color management service up to 12" x 18"
  • Complete bindery service, including folding, coil binding, side, saddle and corner stapling, 3-hole punching, collating, perforating, scoring, numbering and laminating
  • Complete resume setup and reproduction service
  • Thesis reproduction
  • Copying and printing job input networked with the entire campus
  • Will special order paper to suit any need
  • Complete labeling and bulk mailing service

Sternberg Operations

  • Phone #: (785) 628-5944
  • Provide custodial service for Sternberg Museum
  • Set up for special events at Sternberg Museum
  • Provide maintenance and security for Sternberg Museum


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