Physical Plant Staff

The Physical Plant Staff numbers over 100 employees. All are ready to assist with the daily operational needs of the campus community. Each department provides many services to the campus community. Feel free to contact any of the supervisors listed below, if you have a question or concern, or if we may be of assistance in any way.

The telephone number format is: (785) 628-XXXX, unless listed otherwise.


  E-mail Phone Office
Jim Schreiber, Director, Grounds & Custodial Services 4279 Grounds 113
Terry Pfeifer, Director, Building & Maintenance Operations  4259 Witt 109
Cheryl Schmeidler, Office Supervisor 4410 Brooks 109
Debra Schuler, Administrative Specialist 4424 Brooks 109
Akers Energy Center      
Roger Weigel, Supervisor 4238 Akers 101
Building Maintenance      
Terry Pfeifer, Director, Building & Maintenance Operations 4259 Witt 109
Dan Disney, Skilled Trades Supervisor, Construction 5266 Witt 116
Blake Weigel, Skilled Trades Supervisor, Maintenance 5222 Witt 119
Central Purchasing      
Wayne Gerstner, Manager 4230 Witt 107
Shawn Hammerschmidt, Storekeeper Specialist 4239 Witt 107
Dan Disney, Skilled Trades Supervisor, Construction 5266 Witt 116
Custodial Services      
James Helget, Supervisor 5944 Brooks 115
Vickie Fisher, Manager 4297 Brooks 114
Environmental/Safety Office      
Roy Ibarra, Supervisor 4333 Brooks 111
Gross/Cunningham Complex Operations      
Troy Keller, Manager 4199 Cunningham 139Q
Allen Rohr, Supervisor 4039 Grounds 112
Dean Dreiling, Supervisor 4039 Grounds 112
Lock Shop      
Steve Fisher, Supervisor 4347 Witt 108
Mail Center      
Wayne Gerstner, Supervisor 4230 Witt 107
Dee Dee Rupp, Manager 4400 Union 125
Motor Pool      
Duane Weigel, Manager 4270 Motor Pool 103
Printing Services      
Cary Stremel, Manager

5310 Brooks 101A
Residential Life Maintenance      
Trent Hansen, Manager 5354 Agnew 131
Sternberg Operations      
James Helget, Operations Manager 5944 Beach Hall 118




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