Bachelors of General Studies: Political Leadership and Public Service

Learning Goals

Political Institutions and Processes: Political leadership and public service requires a solid working knowledge of government and non-governmental organizations and processes. Students will understand political dynamics and develop capacities to influence the public policymaking processes.

Leadership and Change-Making: Effective political leadership and public service in democratic societies is intended to produce change for the common good. This process requires students to develop a variety of analytic and communication abilities.

Ethics in Political Leadership and Public Service: Perhaps the greatest challenge facing today's leaders is establishing high ethical standards. Students will develop the moral and social responsibilities necessary for political and civic leaders as they mobilize the citizenry to confront the challenges of our society.

Curriculum Summary

All the requirements for a BGS are listed below.

  • Within the General Education Distribution area, certain courses are required to satisfy requirements for the BGS with a concentration in Political Leadership and Public Service. Those courses required General Education courses are indicated with *.
  • Required course that are not yet available virtually are noted (not VC).
    • Predetermined substitutions are noted where applicable and are underscored.
    • Otherwise, virtual students should consult with their advisor to select an appropriate virtual course substitution.


General Education Required Courses

  • English Composition I and II (ENG 101, ENG 102) (6 hrs)
  • Computer Literacy Course (INF 101) (3 hrs)

General Education Distribution Courses

(3 Departments must be represented in each area)

Humanities (Art, Communication Studies, English, Modern Languages, Multiculturalism, Music and Philosophy) (12 Hours)

  • *PHIL 340: Introduction to Ethics (3 hrs) *(Please note, this course is not currently available virtually. Virtual students may substitute IDS 401: Ethics in the Professions and Business.)

Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geosciences, Mathematics & Computer Science, and Physics) (12 Hours)

  • *Math 250: Elements of Statistics (3 hrs)

Social and Behavioral Sciences (Economics, History, Multiculturalism, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology)

  • *POLS 101: American Government (3 hrs)
  • *POLS 300: Current Political Issues (3 hrs)


Area of Emphasis

(Core Courses for BGS: Political Leadership and Public Service Concentration)(21 hrs)

Political Science Courses (Note: 6 additional hours of POLS are required in the General Education Social and Behavioral Sciences distribution area) (9 hrs)

  • POLS 320: Introduction to Law (3 hrs)
  • POLS 665: Interest Groups and Lobbying (3 hrs) (not VC)(Virtual students may visit with their adviser to select an appropriate substitute course.)
  • Choice of one of the following:
    • PHIL 201: Political Philosophy (3 hrs) (not VC)
    • POLS 621: American Civil Liberties (3 hrs)
    • POLS 650: History of Political Theory (3 hrs) (not VC)
    • POLS 651: Recent Political Theories (3 hrs) (not VC)
    • POLS 653: American Political Thought (3 hrs) (not VC)

Leadership Studies Courses (12 hrs)

  • LDRS 300: Introduction to Leadership Concepts (3 hrs)
  • LDRS 302: Introduction to Leadership Behavior (3 hrs)
  • LDRS 310: Fieldwork in Leadership Studies (3 hrs)
  • LDRS 640: Civic Leadership (3 hrs)

Open Electives

(Some recommended courses are listed below.) 54 hrs
Please note, virtual college availability is not indicated in this section.

  • LDRS 450: Advanced Leadership Behaviors (3 hrs)
  • LDRS 480: Leadership and Team Dynamics (3 hrs)
  • LDRS 670: Leadership and Personal Development (3 hrs)
  • POLS 620: Constitutional Law (3hrs)
  • POLS 664: Political Behavior (3 hrs)
  • IDS 468: Political Communication (3 hrs)
  • COMM 100: Fundamentals of Oral Communication (3 hrs)
  • COMM 601: Persuasion (3 hrs)
  • COMM 604: Interpersonal Communication (3 hrs)
  • INF 250: Introduction to Web Development (3 hrs)

TOTAL HOURS - 120 Hours

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