Concentration in Web Development Studies

The Bachelor of General Studies degree with a concentration in Web Development Studies consists of 21 credit hours of courses in the field of web development.

Concentration: 21 Credit Hours
INF 250 Introduction to Web Development (prerequisite: INF101) (F,S,U)
INF 650 Interactive Systems Design (F, S)
INF 653 Web Scripting Languages (prerequisite: INF250) (S)
INF 654 Intro to Web-Enabled Databases (prerequisite INF250) (F)
INF 651 Advanced Web Development (prerequisite INF250 and INF101) (F)
INF 652 Intensive Web Development (prerequisite: INF250, INF101, INF651, and INF653) (S)
INF 678 (mobile application development seminar course) (S)
F=Fall S=Spring U=Summer

Go to the University Catalog for specific course descriptions and pre-requisite information.
Each of the courses listed is offered fully on-line and does not require a physical presence on-campus. Most of the course activities are completed at the convenience of a student's study/work schedule. Each of the courses will have specific deadlines for projects, labs, tests and other activities. INF on-line classes are enrolled through the Fort Hays State University Virtual College .

For questions about course offerings, contact the Fort Hays State University Department of Information Networking and Telecommunications at 785.628.5373. Email the department at To enroll or seek enrollment information, contact the Fort Hays State University Virtual College 785.628.4291. For more information regarding the BGS degree, please visit or contact:

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College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
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