Bachelor of General Studies Degree

Concentration in Geoscience Studies

The Bachelor of General Studies degree with an concentration in Geoscience Studies consists of 21 hours of courses in the field of geography/geology:

  • GSCI 110 World Geography (3 Credit Hours)
  • GSCI 321 United States Geography (3 Credit Hours)
  • GSCI 103 Concepts of G.I.S. (1Credit Hours)
  • GSCI GIS Foundations I* (3 Credit Hours)
  • GSCI GIS Foundations II* (3 Credit Hours)
  • GSCI Cartography Concepts* (3 Credit Hours)
  • GSCI Remote Sensing Concepts* (3 Credit Hours)
  • GSCI 340 Environmental Geology (3 Credit Hours)

* Students may substitute GSCI 240 for GIS Foundations I, GSCI 360 for GIS Foundations II, GSCI 290 for Cartography Concepts and GSCI 474 for Remote Sensing Concepts. The Foundation and Concept Courses may not be substituted for the BS Geography / GIS degree program.

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