Bachelor of General Studies Degree

Concentration in Tourism and Hospitality Management

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS), Tourism and Hospitality Management Concentration is a four-year liberal arts degree which provides students with a specialized curriculum that focuses on the tourism industry. The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing career fields in the nation, ranking in the top three industries in all 50 states. Travel and tourism in the United States is a $1.3-trillion industry and is among the nation's largest employers with 13 million direct travel-related jobs. The primary purpose of this degree program is to blend the traditional outcomes of a liberal education, which provides breadth, and a specific Tourism and Hospitality Management concentration that provides curriculum depth in the tourism industry. This degree program provides students more flexibility in selecting their coursework. The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the few remaining places in our increasingly specialized workforce that calls for a well-rounded generalist with excellent knowledge of the field. This degree will help you to fulfill that need and make you competitive in the marketplace.

Advantages of the BGS Degree

  • Provides maximum flexibility to students in developing their program of study.
  • Ideal for students seeking employment opportunities in human relations (business, industry, education, social services, etc.)
  • Combines theory with practical application.
  • Provides both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to the study of tourism.
  • Internship opportunities help prepare students for immediate employment upon graduation.
  • Program course work stresses critical skills necessary to be effective in today's organizations.

Tourism and Hospitality Management Concentration Courses

  • MGT 620 Principles & Practices in Tourism & Hospitality Mgmt. (3 Credit Hours)
  • MGT 621 Tourism & Hospitality Marketing (3 Credit Hours)
  • MGT 622 Service Operations (3 Credit Hours)
  • MGT 623 Meetings, Conventions & Events Management (3 Credit Hours)
  • MGT 624 Hotel & Resort Management (3 Credit Hours)
  • MGT 625 International Hospitality: Problems & Planning (3 Credit Hours)
  • MGT 629 Tourism & Hospitality Industry Internship/Project (3 Credit Hours)
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