W-9 and Taxpayer Acknowledgment Form

Required by State of Kansas for all new Suppliers and Recipients of Gifts, Prizes and Awards

The State of Kansas requires all new suppliers (including individuals) and recipients of Gifts, Prizes and Awards, not already listed in the State Supplier File, to provide a W-9 or Form W-8BEN before processing payments.

The State of Kansas requires a DA 130 and voided check for all payments to be direct deposited.  All Fort Hays State University employees are required to have a completed DA130 and voided check on file with the State of Kansas before any reimbursements/payments will be made.

In order to determine if the supplier (including individuals) or recipient should complete a Form W-9 or a Form W-8BEN, the Taxpayer Acknowledgment Form must be completed by each new supplier (including individuals) or recipient.

No Supplier Invoices or Expense Reports will be processed for payment until the completed/signed Form W9 or Form W-8BEN has been received by the Business Office.  If a Form W-8BEN is required, no payment will be made or prize released until calculation of withholding tax is made and the tax is paid/withheld.

Questions concerning the W-8BEN or questions regarding Non-U.S. citizens should be directed to Student Fiscal Service, 628-4459.


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