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Welcome to the ACS Approved FHSU Chemistry Department!

Recent News:

Please join us in congratulating Tristan Callis, Fred Schertz, and Reece Farwell on their acceptance into Kansas University School of Pharmacy. We will miss them, but are proud of their accomplishments! (2018)

Pictured Below: Chemistry student, Lia Boese has been accepted to a REU program for this summer at the University of Oregon. Congratulations to her and we know she’ll do us proud! (2018)

Pictured Below: Dr. Arvin Cruz and Dr. James Balthazor are pictured with their student nominees receiving the Fischli Excellence in Higher Education Award by the FHSU Honor Society. (2018)

Dr. Bruce Atwater was awarded a K-INBRE $25,000 Recruitment Grant (2018)

Publication: Dr. James Balthazor, with collaborators at Kansas State University & Auburn University published a study titled, "Delivery of Lethal dsRNAs in Insect Diets by Branched Amphiphilic Peptide Capsules," in the Journal of Controlled Release. (2018)

Scholarship Information:

Interested in a Werth Scholarship? Go to this detailed page for application information and further details! 

Why Choose FHSU's Department of Chemistry

Most colleges and universities offer undergraduate degrees in chemistry. So why choose FHSU? Here are a few reasons for you to consider:

  • Enjoy strong mentorship from highly trained PhD-level faculty members, which helps ensure that you acquire the technical and problem-solving skills you need to be in to high demand in both the job market and professional and graduate schools.
  • Dig deeply into advanced study in chemistry as an undergraduate student, such as conducting research with faculty. This does not mean simply washing beakers like it might at some universities - it means taking an active role in the process of scientific discovery.
  • Learn the proper use and operation of high-tech equipment and instrumentations throughout your entire degree program, an opportunity rarely available to undergraduate students even at larger universities.

Learn more about your options in the chemistry program at FHSU by exploring the Web site. Please feel free to contact the Department of Chemistry if you would like to speak with a faculty advisor about becoming a chemistry major at FHSU.

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