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Department of Chemistry
Fort Hays State University
Tomanek Hall 341
Phone: 785-628-5321
FAX: (785) 628-4088 

Dr. Arvin Cruz, Chair 

Ms. Anne Basgall, Sr Administrative Assistant

Learn Chemistry by Doing

Through your fascinating and sometimes challenging courses, you will learn a lot about the diverse field of chemistry. However, expect to learn a great deal outside the classroom. While the opportunities for hands-on learning are almost too numerous to mention, here are just a few ways for you to put your chemistry knowledge into action.

  • Take part in a summer internship to put your learning into practice, gain valuable industry experience and make connections
  • Assist faculty in their research projects as an undergraduate, which gives you practical lab experience and helps you develop your research skills. Learn more about current research projects that chemistry faculty members are currently involved in.
  • Work extensively in state-of-the-art labs
  • Participate in the Chemistry/Pre-Professional Club Magic Show at nearby elementary and middles schools, which helps bring chemistry alive to kids and helps you develop your communication and teaching skills.
  • Attend Wichita Section and Midwest Regional American Chemical Society meetings, which enables you to network with peers and professionals to hear the latest research and news in the field of chemistry.
  • Make presentations of your own research during FHSU's Research and Creative Activities Week, held in April each year, giving you professional experience and the opportunity to be recognized for your work.


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