Research Opportunities

Krisztina Z. Bencze, Ph.D., University of Szeged
Biochemistry: Study of regulation of cellular iron homeostasis and probing changes at the level of disease.

Arvin J.F. Cruz, Ph.D., Wichita State University
Inorganic Chemistry: Synthesis

Stephen G. Donnelly, Ph.D., University of Rochester
Physical Chemistry: Gas phase ion-molecule interactions, atmospheric chemistry.

Loretta T. Dorn, Ph.D., Brandeis University
Organic Chemistry: Natural product synthesis, synthesis and characterization of novel organic compounds, organic methodology.

James R. Hohman, Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Physical-organic chemistry: Light-induced reactions and reaction pathways.

Chad L. Magee, Ph.D., University of Missouri, Columbia
Inorganic Chemistry: Synthesis

Eddie G. Olmstead, Jr., Ph.D., Duke University
Inorganic Chemistry: Iron-chelate exchange reactions in biological environments; photochemical catalysis of iron-chelate exchange reactions.

Thomas J. Wiese, Ph.D., University of North Dakota
Biochemistry: The structure, function and turnover of L-fucoproteins.
Mechanism of Copper Toxicity in Neuronal Cells
Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase

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