"Serving the Classified Employee"
Classified Senate

The Mission of the Fort Hays State University Classified Senate is to provide information, educate, and represent with a united voice all FHSU Classified Staff on issues concerning employment, contributions to the university and to the State of Kansas.

The Classified Senate provides a voice to all FHSU Classified Staff, to the Kansas Board of Regents and the Kansas Legislature.

Purpose of the Classified Senate:

  • To provide an open forum for expressing the interests of the classified employees of the University.
  • To actively represent classified employees' interests before the governance of the University and any other individuals or organizations as deemed appropriate.
  • To act in an advisory capacity at the request of the governance of the University in decision-making and the effective management of the vital affairs related to the University.
  • To work cooperatively with the Student Government Association and/or the Faculty Senate of the University for the accomplishment of common objectives.

"The Classified Senate plays a significant role in the governance of Fort Hays State University. Senators accept the responsibility of representing their fellow classified employees on matters of importance. I applaud the work of the Classified Senate in raising awareness of various issues and taking action on behalf of classified employees. Please know that I support your efforts and I'm always willing to help. Best wishes during the 2013 - 2014 academic year."

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