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Updating Images & Documents

There are many times that an image or document needs to be updated with a more current version.  Instead of removing the old and replacing it, there are a few options that make updating files much easier.

Updating Files:

Images and documents can be easily updated in Cascade CMS.  The advantage of updating is that you will not need to change the links anywhere on the site, as the name of the file stay the same.  Cascade keps a history of previous versions of images and documents so if you overwrite a file you can go back to the previous version

 Update a file:

  1. Navigate to the content folder where your file is saved
  2. Locate the file and click on it
  3. Click on the Edit button on the top 
  4. Drag your new file to the file upload box or click inside that box to select a file from your computer
  5. Click Save & Preview
  6. Click Submit
  7. Click Publish

Your image will now be changed everywhere that it was used throughout the website.


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