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Paid Internship Program

Fort Hays State University's College of Business and Entrepreneurship is seeking undergraduate and/or graduate students who would be interested in an internship opportunity to work in a startup venture alongside a practicing entrepreneur in 2014.

The goal of this internship program is to create valuable learning experiences for students interested in entrepreneurship while simultaneously supporting the needs of our startup business community with valuable human capital that can support their business in ways that allow them to stabilize and or prepare for growth.

We aim to match interested and abled students (up to 5 undergraduate and/or graduate students) with startup businesses who have a project or a need that can be identified and developed during a semester.

Students will be expected to act independently and in coordination with the Business owner to define the problem or project to be addressed, communicate initial and any revised expectations, receive guidance and insight over the course of the relationship, and to be evaluated at the completion of the relationship or semester. Students may register for course credit for the internship.

Prospective businesses are currently being sought to participate for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. Once businesses and projects are identified interested students will be notified of the application procedures and the selection process.

Projects might include some variation of the following, but are not limited to:

  • Development of a marketing plan
  • Development of a competitive analysis (pricing, positioning, competitive advantage, etc.)
  • Initial website development or a website redesign/restructure
  • Assist with the transition of company records (i.e. accounting) from one software to another; or from a manual system to an electronic one
  • Development of a training program for a specific set of operational procedures
  • Establishment of a recruitment and selection process
  • Operational process analysis to determine efficiency (i.e. time and motion, work measurement)
  • Planning and execution of a promotion or event

Full projects are expected to be approximately 480 hours in length (2 semesters). Smaller projects can be accepted with interns divided between organizations. A full internship will require $1,000 in matching funds provided by the business and $4,000 in grant funding from FHSU. Students will be classified as employees of FHSU, will be paid and have tax withholding and workers compensation paid by FHSU. Ideally, students will gain valuable experience completing the project, but will also learn about the operations, challenges, and rewards of starting a business.

If you would like to be included in the communication regarding this process, please submit an initial expression of interest via email with your name, major, year in your program, phone number and types of projects you are most interested in to:

Ms. Sabrina William on or before August 4th

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