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Alternative Credit Project


The Alternative Credit Project ™ (ACP) developed a pool of courses that Fort Hays State University (FHSU) will accept towards your degree.  The ACP, started with a generous grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is designed to help adults finish what they started – a two-or-four year degree, or a post-secondary certificate. Transcripts received with a passing grade will be recorded as “CR” on the Fort Hays State University transcript.  

 General Information about the program:

  • Students who wish to participate in the ACE Alternative Credit program must submit an ACE transcript with the ACPE course designation or for work completed after March 2018 the ACE ID listed below.
  • Transcripts received with a passing grade will be recorded as “CR” on the Fort Hays State University transcript.
  • Students should consult their academic advisor and/or transcript analysts in the Registrar’s Office for specific information on how successful completion of an ACP course applies to their degree program.
  • No credit is awarded for a course that has been previously completed at Fort Hays State University or a transfer institution.  If a student has previously enrolled in or audited a course, and received a grade, credit or incomplete, ACP credit is not a consideration.
  • No credit is awarded for an ACP course that is a prerequisite for a course previously passed.
  • A maximum of 60 credit hours earned through Credit for Prior Learning may be applied toward a Fort Hays State University degree.  Hours earned from the ACE Alternative Credit Program count in this number.
  • ACP courses are recorded CPL credit (CR). They do not count toward the 30 hours of graded coursework that must be passed at FHSU for a bachelor's degree. A certificate requires 6 hours passed at FHSU and an associate degree requires 15 hours passed at FHSU. 
  • Transfer work from any other college/university and qualifying ACP credit is only recorded for enrolled students who are in a signed degree program at Fort Hays State University. FHSU will not record transfer work or advanced credit for non-degree students or for students who have not returned to FHSU after a prior enrollment.
  • ACP credit policies are subject to change upon periodic review.


For a list of FHSU degrees see the menu on the left of screen.  Below is a list of courses FHSU accepts as part of the ACP:


Provider Course Title ACPE Number  ACE ID# Course Provider FHSU Equivalent Course
Introduction to Biology ACPE-0005  PLNS-0091 Pearson Biol 100 Human Biology
Introduction to Biology Lab ACPE-0012  OOSL-0018 Straighterline Biol 102 Laboratory Experiences in Biology
Environmental Science ACPE-0020  PLNS-0030 Pearson Biol 200 Humans and the Environment
Introduction to Environmental Science ACPE-0027  OOSL-0055 Straighterline Biol 200 Humans and the Environment
American History l ACPE-0049  PLNS-0005 Pearson  EQ HIST 130 United States History to 1877
American History ll ACPE-0050  PLNS-0006 Pearson  EQ HIST 131 United States Since 1877
Statistics ACPE-0014  PLNS-0086 Pearson  MATH 250 Elements of Statistics 
General Physics ACPE-0038  OOSL-0023 Straighterline PHYS 211 Physics for Scientists and Engineers l
General Physics Lab ACPE-0039  OOSL-0085 Straighterline PHYS 211L Physics for Scientists and Engineers l Lab
Physics: Introduction to Electromagnetism ACPE-0007 To Be Assigned Saylor PHYS 212 Physics for Scientists and Engineers ll
Political Science
American Government ACPE-0053  PLNS-0004 Pearson POLS 101 - American Government
American Government ACPE-0072  OOSL-0063 Straighterline POLS 101 - American Government
Abnormal Psychology ACPE-0055  To Be Assigned Ed4Online PSY 300 Abnormal Psychology
Aging and Society ACPE-0058  To Be Assigned Ed4Online PSY 420 Psychology of Aging
Intro to Psychology ACPE-0077  To Be Assigned Ed4Online PSY 100 General Psychology
Introduction to Psychology ACPE-0076  OOSL-0027 Straighterline PSY 100 General Psychology
Accounting l  ACPE-0085  PLNS-0001 Pearson ACCT 203 Principles of Accounting l
Accounting l  ACPE-0086  OOSL-0009 Straighterline ACCT 203 Principles of Accounting l
Accounting ll ACPE-0087  PLNS-0002 Pearson ACCT 204 Principles of Accounting ll
Accounting ll ACPE-0088  OOSL-0010 Straighterline ACCT 204 Principles of Accounting ll
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