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Graduates Out in the World

Katie Powell (2013)
Central Kansas Community Corrections
Great Bend, KS

I direct case management efforts and programming toward the areas of moderate to high risk, as identified in the Level of Service Inventory. Current case management strategies are supported by the principles of Evidence Based Practice to maximize offender success and public safety. These efforts include, but are not limited to, extensive drug testing, cognitive-behavioral interactions and groups, substance abuse treatment and acting as resource brokers for assistance within the community and statewide services.

I chose FHSU for my education because it was affordable, and close to home. Also, a few FHSU students from my hometown had participated in the Justice Studies program and had highly recommended it. FHSU allowed me to get an education that was affordable and steered me into the right direction of success. I was able to participate in an internship that prepared me for the career I was interested in, and helped provide references for my current job. The classes were a great foundation of information that built me up for the interactions with the court systems I have on a daily basis.

My fondest memories overall included working with the Justice Studies professors and staff, and participating in the Defensive Tactics Events throughout the years (I participated in the Defensive Tactics Club because I was interested in learning proper techniques in defending myself, in everyday life and for future potential of threat in my career.) FHSU will always have a lasting impression on me, and I am proud to be a TIGER!


Jeffrey James (2013)
Assistant Special Agent in Charge,
United States Secret Service. Currently assigned as the Secret Service liaison to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

I researched Master's programs for several months prior to enrolling at FHSU. I looked at large schools and small schools all over the country. What I found was that FHSU offered the benefit of an accredited, respected, brick-and-mortar university at an incredibly reasonable price. I discovered that there are many "universities" out there that will gladly take your money and give you a degree that is worthless.

My degree from FHSU has allowed me to qualify for advance training programs that the Secret Service, The Department of Homeland Security, and the federal government offer. Everyone I dealt with in the Justice Studies program was incredibly helpful! Prior to starting at FHSU, it had been over 20 since I graduated from college. I had a LOT of questions, both before I started the program, and throughout the entire process. My advisor, Dr. Raacke, was an invaluable asset to me. He answered all of my questions, and patiently walked me through each step of the process for getting my culminating project approved by the IRB. He is a credit to the university.

Lyle Hammerschmidt (2010)
Deputy Sheriff
Rush County Sheriff's Department
La Crosse, KS

Working for a three-man department, I'm a patrolman and investigator. I handle all of my own interviews. I complete a case from the initial call to disposition. I like that I get to handle everything to find out what part of police work I enjoy the most.

At FHSU, I was very involved in Defensive Tactics Club, where I learned control tactics, self-defense, take-downs and handcuffing. When I went to the Police Academy, I had already seen and done all the tactics while in the club.

Michaela Krueger (2011)
Asset Protection Manager
Wichita, KS

In loss prevention, the main goal is to protect a company's assets, whether they're the fixtures, merchandise, associates or customers. I find my career very rewarding.

In addition to learning all about criminal justice, my education at FHSU taught me things I couldn't learn in books. The students and faculty I met helped sculpt me into the individual I've become. And the partnerships I developed gave me insight and strength to grow into my career.

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