Greek Life
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Making the transition from high school or another college to FHSU may be a challenge for your child. Fraternities and sororities exist as a support network and hands-on learning experience. 


 agr service Greek organizations are committed to high principles and worthwhile endeavors. . . numerous opportunities to develop your leadership skills and other talents.
    ~ FHSU President Edward Hammond

Fraternity and sorority members are active leaders on campus and in the community. Within the chapter, members are encouraged to serve as an officer or committee member. Such positions strengthen leadership skills, teach multitasking, time management and teamwork. Members of the Greek community are encouraged to be involved in other campus organizations. This allows an opportunity to interact with a variety of personality types and strengthen communication skills. Such activities help build Greek relations and promote campus unity.

Chapters and members strive to obtain the highest scholastic achievement. To remain in good standing members must maintain a certain GPA, varying per chapter. Study programs are implemented to help members maintain or improve their GPA. For members struggling with classes, they are referred to tutoring programs or campus resources. Fraternities/sororities also offer the benefit of scholarships to collegiate members, scholarships are available at the local and national level.

Brotherhood & Sisterhood
Besides leadership and scholarship, active members make friends that will last a lifetime. Brothers and sisters are a constant support system during collegiate years and as alumnae. By being active in the Greek community, members also build friendships with members from other Greek letter organization. These friendships allow members to learn more about themselves and their brothers/sisters. Members are in an immediate network of professionals across the nation. The national office has resources tracking alumnae and are able to connect members with other fraternity brothers/sisters in the same location or occupation. Conferences and leadership training offer ample opportunities to meet other collegiate members and alumnae.

Community Service/Philanthropy
Each chapter contributes to the community through various activities. Local chapters’ philanthropy efforts raise thousands of dollars each year for the fraternities’/sororities' national philanthropy projects. At the local level Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils give to the Hays community through donations and volunteered time. Often chapters work with other campus organizations to contribute to the community.

All of the fraternity chapters and all of the sororities at FHSU have chapter housing available for members. Living in the chapter house is comparable in cost to living in the campus residence halls, often cheaper. By living in the chapter house members are able to enhance their fraternity experience while getting to spend more time with brothers and sisters. The chapter expenses vary, but there are a few one time initiation fees and monthly chapters dues. Dues go to the national office and local dues serve as a parlor fee for renovations to the chapter house or similar projects. Payment options are available by making arrangements with the chapter finance officer.

Hazing is illegal and not tolerated at FHSU. Reports of hazing are handled through the Center for Student Involvement and the Student Affairs office and reported accordingly to the national fraternity offices. In regards to alcohol, the sorority houses on campus are dry facilities, meaning no alcohol is allowed on the property. Every group is excepted to obey all local, state and federal laws and abide by the fraternity's policies, guidelines and standards. National programs are available to educate members about alcohol and substance abuse. New members go through a fraternity education term where they meet weekly to learn about the fraternity structure, Greek history and the chapter’s founding fathers.

Parental Involvement
Parents are encouraged to become involved in their son or daughters fraternity experience. Special events such as family day, siblings day, etc. are sponsored by the chapters. There are also parents clubs that allow parents to volunteer and contribute to the chapter. Fathers and mothers can also become initiated alumnae members.

Even after graduation members have the opportunity to contribute and be involved with the fraternity/sorority. Many fraternities have alumnae chapters or similar organizations that provide support to collegiate chapters. For alumnae wanting to stay involved with a more active role, they are allowed to serve as chapter advisers who provide support and guidance to a collegiate chapter and its members or they can volunteer through the national office.

Fraternity chapters host on-going membership drives in which prospective members are allowed to meet other current members and learn about the fraternity’s programs. Prospective members are encouraged to select a fraternity that best fits their personality, goals and needs.
Sorority formal recruitment is held at the beginning of the fall semester.  During this time women are allowed to visit each chapter house, meet current members and learn the benefits of Greek life. At the end of formal recruitment there is no obligation to join. Women can also join a sorority through continuous open recruitment, which begins after the end of recruitment and continues until the end of the academic year.

Want to know more? If you would like to request a brochure or more information about fraternities or sororities please contact the Center for Student Involvement at 785-628-4664 or email the CSI at