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Recruitment FAQ


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Sorority Recruitment FAQ

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is a time for women who are interested in joining a sorority to find out what sorority life is all about. A woman who is registered to participate in Recruitment is known as a Potential New Member (PNM). Potential New Members have the opportunity to visit the sorority houses and meet many members of the chapters.

How do I register for sorority recruitment?

Registration happens online through a website called Campus Director. Campus Director handles all information and payment processing for Fort Hays State University. REGISTER TODAY BY CLICKING HERE!

What is my obligation after recruitment?

The Panhellenic Council believes that membership is a matter of choice to be left up to each individual woman. Please know that you should not feel obligated to choose a sorority through recruitment if you do not find a home away from home. We hope you will keep an open mind and make new friends throughout the entire process.

What does my recruitment registration fee cover?

The $25 registration fee will cover costs for activities and snacks. It also pays for the sorority recruitment t-shirt, which will be provided.

What if I can't make it to a recruitment event or I have to arrive late?

Panhellenic recognizes the many events happening on campus during the first week of school and understands conflicts may arise. Panhellenic asks each Potential New Member to limit their conflicts to important activities such as athletic/band/cheer practice, orientation events, class, and work. The more conflicts you have, the fewer times you get to meet the chapters and the harder it is for them to make decisions. If you know of conflicts, please let us know in your online registration or email greeklife@fhsu.edu.

What is Sorority Life like?

You may think of a sorority as being one big family with the opportunity to get involved and also be yourself. A sorority is made up of women with different backgrounds who work together, love, and support one another.

What is my time commitment if I join a sorority?

The amount of time you put into your sorority experience varies by week and the time of year. You can expect to attend weekly new member meetings and a chapter meeting. Twice a month you have the opportunity to attend the All-Greek and Panhellenic meetings. Throughout the semester you will want to participate in the various social, service, and sisterhood events.

What is the GPA requirement to join a sorority?

A minimum of a 2.50 GPA is required to be accepted for new membership into a sorority. However, individual chapters may have a higher GPA requirement. It is always a great idea to ask about scholarship requirements from each individual chapter.

How much does joining a sorority cost?

Each sorority at FHSU is different in where their fees and dues go. On average, sorority members can expect to pay monthly dues of $65. New Members will also pay one time induction and initiation fees. It is always a great idea to ask about financial obligations from each individual chapter.

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