Recognized Student Organizations

Joining an organization will help you find balance between academics and extra-curricular activities. It will help you form a well-rounded university career providing opportunities for you to grow mentally, physically, socially and spiritually!

Important Information

Requirements for Recognition

Each student organization desiring to be recognized by the University must be approved by the Center for Student Involvement. Recognized Student Organizations must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a name and purpose unique from any existing organization.
  2. Secure two (2) currently enrolled FHSU students to serve as the organization President and Treasurer. These students must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA.
  3. Secure an additional three (3) currently enrolled FHSU student members for a total of five (5) student members.
  4. Secure a full time FHSU faculty or staff member to serve as the on-campus advisor.
  5. Develop a Constitution and/or Bylaws for the organization.
  6. Complete the Student Organization Registration Form on TigerLink annually.
  7. Agreement of the President, Treasurer, and Advisor to the Non-Discrimination Statement and/or Grade Release Form annually.
  8. Attend one of the annual Student Organization Meetings.


The Center for Student Involvement maintains TigerLink, an online involvement portal. Through TigerLink, individuals can create a profile and find involvement opportunities based upon mutual interests. For student organizations, there are a variety of resources available. Each group has unlimited storage for documents. There is a flyer board to advertise upcoming events and meetings, and even the possibility of holding elections in an online accessible and paper-free environment !

As you become involved, TigerLink will document your accomplishments on campus. When you are ready to apply for internships, scholarships, or begin your career path, the co-curricular transcript portion of TigerLink will be there with a full list of organizations, positions held and honors received.

For additional resources and information regarding TigerLink, please click here.



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