At FHSU, we want to build and support a diverse, inclusive campus community that recognizes and celebrates our differences. How do we accomplish this?

First, we offer educational programs and exeriences to help people feel welcomed, valued and respected at FHSU, to promote value differences. By better understanding what makes people, cultures and genders different, you learn how to interact effectively with a wide variety of people, which builds community and prepares you for the working world.

Individuals who feel welcomed, valued and respected and who feel good about themselves and who they are through self-awareness, are better able to interact effectively with others who are different, which can help to build an inclusive community.

We are here to serve you. You can:

  • Increase awareness and sensitivity to others who are different from you
  • Learn more about people who are different from you, and get to know them better
  • Identify the information and misinformation we have learned about other cultures. Figure out what is true - and not true - about other cultures you interact with
  • Identify and express pride in one's culture(s) to which you belong Express pride in your own culture and heritage
  • Learn how cultures/groups other than your own experience mistreatment
  • Learn to value diversity

Get involved in a wide variety of programs and services to enrich your college experience:

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